Monday, 21 December 2009

Just to prove I am still hauling!

December's Haul so far...These are some or the things I have bought, given (by the lovely blogger Jo or from the Clothes show), or Goodie bags I bought a the Clothes Show.  And this isnt all of it... just the bits I could find right now.

It's missing the Barry M pencils and lipgloss I bought, and a natural collection lip pencil.. and some jewlery..

Anyway, if you want a review on anything, just say.  Some things here are presents so I cant review them.

As much as I am enjoying doing my daily stocking filler post, I dont want to overload you by writing 20 posts a day. Normal service will be resumed soon!

Still to come:
More Sassy minerals swatches. I have been using mine a lot recently and I am in love!
Swatches of the Avon products above
Reviews of the sleek products I bought a few weeks ago
Reviews of my Royal and GOSH brushes.
My 100 follower giveaway (some of the items above might be included.....)
And lots lots more...

Selotape is the best purchase so far ;)
I have been neglecting a lot of posts because of my daily stocking filler posts.  I hope you are enjoying them and finding them useful- if you hate them then I won't do them gain next year!!!!

Stay tuned for today's stocking filler post.


  1. Amazing. I can see you got the UD pp AMAZING primer!! Also great tampon tin (lol weird to say i know but it looks so cute in the bathroom) and fab tea!!

  2. @Lipstick Rules. Thanks:)
    @Em x ...all spread out over the month so far...!! (Slightly more bareable)!
    @Tali Yeah, I had tried it a few times and decided to take the plunge. Holding up ok so far.. just happened to 'slip' into my basket!! And yes, the tampon tin is cute. Looking to get some more!! Sucker for packaging!! Green tea, I do drink, but this was out of a clothes show goodie bag. I'm not complaining! xx
    @Sherry. Thanks :)


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