Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Review Batiste Brown

A few of you have said you want to know more about this, so after a few days of road testing here are my preliminary thoughts.

Dry shampoo for use when you don't have time or facilities to give your hair a 'proper wash'.  A fine coloured powder that tries to soak up excess oil, removing the shine that makes hair look greasy.

I have not tired the normal Batiste but having used this a few times to test (rather than because I havent had time to wash eugh!) I have found it quite a nifty product.  Unlike other dry shampoos I have seen, this colour really sinks in and blends well to my hair (rather than looking like an odd form of dandruff).

How I used it:  I simply brushed my hair flat into a parting, and then sprayed the can at arms length on to the crown and back of my head.  I then left for a few minutes and gently brushed with a natural bristled brush (as told by the can!).

Does it work: It looks a bit odd without brushing, but in general this perked up my hair in a few minutes and gave me an extra few hours.  Especially useful if you have got caught in the rain and dried out but your hair is looking a bit lifeless.  It has a bit of a smell, but I can't quite work out if I like it or not.  It's not that bad, but perhaps a bit sterile or hairspray like.  Maybe I just used it in a confined space.

I think this would be really useful if I had a styled and gripped look that was looking a bit greasy with hairspray.

I wouldn't want to use this on a regular basis as a) that's a bit gross and b) your hair does need to be greasy every now and again to keep condition- so reaching for the Batiste every day could have damaging effects?  It seems to have washed out fine though.

My can cost £2.99 from Superdrug and they had lots of different ones including black, blonde and original.  I think prices begin at around £1.79. It doesn't say CFC free which could mean very bad things for our planet, however you can recycle the can :)

Have you tried this product? How have you found it?  Do you think dry shampoo needs to be in a spray can, or would a sprinkle shaker be better? As always, comment below :).

P.s. I did take photos but they really didnt show up so I scrapped them.


  1. Will havta give this one a go!

  2. Haven't tried the batiste spray yet but I bought one this morning, I wanted to wait until my boho one ran out before buying another one. I want to try the diva one to that had a nice can. As you can tell I am more interested in the spray can than the product lol!

  3. I've used the normal one and love it but i had the white colour so i'll def be trying this out x

  4. This sounds cool! I have been using and LOVE Shampowder Dry shampoo. It has a very very light vanilla scent and it is so crazy how just a little bit really does absorb oil and add some volume. I am a stylist and have been recommending it to clients for a year now.

  5. I really like the Batiste Brunette, I've been testing it recently too! Much prefer the smell of the original though.

  6. @Shifa, yeah good to have a dry shampoo in the cupboard. Have yet to read other reviews of this one. x
    @Sarah, not sure what you make of the smell if yo uhave other ones- does it smell the same?? Have packaging is important, but yeah product is important too!!x
    @Em Yeah, I was always put off the 'brunette with powder in her hair' look. This is better! x
    @Bp Thanks for the comment and recommendation. I'll look into it. Thanks :)

  7. @Get Lippie I will have to smell the original (while hiding in a shop aisle!) x


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