Thursday, 3 December 2009

Worst day! Update: NYX/Coastal Scents Haul: Mac Dupe

I had a big presentation today, and so I stood there for 2 hours with nothing on my face apart from Elf Complexion Perfection. Yes. I. FORGOT. MY. MAKEUP. ARRGH! I felt so naked. No lipgloss, no concealer, no blusher, no foundation.. I would have given my right arm for even a tin of vaseline and some concealer.  Nightmare.  I try to wear as little as possible in order to give my skin time to breathe- so I went with on the complexion powder on intended to apply before hand so had 15 minutes of peace. GRR!!

So here are my Coastal Scents and NYX items thanks to Oxford Jasmine's Blog sale (for Macmillan Cancer).  I have NYX Eye shadow in Highlight (07) 8 Coastal Scents 'Hot Pots' and a Coastal Scents Gel Eye Liner in Exotic (Khakis with gold flecks).  I think she might have a few things left so hop over for some bargains and charity fundraising!

The E/s/ colours are (l-r, top to bottom)
S28, S38, S15, S03
B03, M08, S32, S06

I have found another great dupe (click to see my other dupe post) for Mac's Mythology (and I picked I up for 75p thanks to this blog sale).

Which of these two is Mac's Mythology, and which is Coastal Scents Hot Pot S15?
(Answer at the end!)

These totally made my day a lot better!!  I have managed to pick up 4 awards from the lovely Briony Lou, Sugar, Krystle and Georgie.  Thank you sooo much girls.  As this post is getting quite long, I will accept your awards in another post (tomorrow or Saturday).  It means so much that you all thought of me :)

If anyone wants swatches then let me know.  Hope you're all enjoying my stocking filler ideas!
Clothes Show tomorrow YAY!!

P.s. Mac's Mythology is the one on the right, Coastal Scents is on the left and available from for $4.49 (plus shipping I think), and fits in a Mac palette (although you might need a magnet).  Were you right??


  1. That dupe is so good! I love the stocking filler ideas, keep them coming x

  2. I love coastal scents so good for the price!

  3. Wow those eyeshadows look identical! Lovely blog sale haul sweetie :) xox

  4. @Em Thank sweetie. Lots more to come (I think I actually have too many, but some of them are free! :) x
    @Sarah, I havent treid them before so really looking forward to it. I hav a cranberry dupe so I think I will be rocking that tomorrow :) x
    @Dainty Dollymix. Thanks, I was quite please with that! :Dx

  5. Glad that it all made it to you, thanks for supporting MacMillan Cancer Support too! I am getting the last few payments! It is easy to donate via their website!

  6. wow they look identical :O lovely dupes!

  7. I really wanna try the Hot Pots but last time i brought from Coastal Scents i had to pay £20 to customs before they would deliver it, UGH!

    And i was wrong!!

  8. @Jasmine, Can't wait to see the grand total figure! Thanks for the blog sale! x
    @Shifa They are quite close at face value, have yet to test fully.
    @Ditzy Ouch! That is not fun. I think one or two people have mentioned about getting th from the UK, not sure where from. You can get a full set of the Hot Pots though, although I dont think they are magnetci, so lookign for a magnet now! x


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