Tuesday, 26 January 2010

5 products I currently reach for.

As mentioned, here are 5 of my current products.  There is no logic to this, I just thought I'd give you a little post on 5 products that I am reaching for on a daily basis.  Of course I plan to update this from time to time!  My camera ran out of food, and is not fully recharged yet so pictures of from Boots.com.

1) 2 in 1 Visibly Clear by Neutrogena.
Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon a few months ago.  I suffer with bad skin, breakouts, oily patches, blackheads, whiteheads..red patches, wrinkles, scars..need I go on?  I started this blog as a way of documenting my quest for clear healthy skin.. so skin products will crop up from time to time!

I will probably do a more detailed post on this product as I think it needs it.  All I'll say for now is that I notice the difference when I use it. It's not a 'quick' fix on the spot treatment, but it does seem to be helping me in my fight

Available at Boots online.

2) Boots Ultra Balm Tissues....  because they are kinder to my nose than the 4 toilet rolls of tissues I have used since Christmas.  I kid you not.
3) Nivea Pearl and shine. A lovely handbag friendly lip balm that has a nice pink shine!  Not as pigmented as a lipstick, but just enough to be subtle but pretty.  Great over or under a colour, or just on it's own.  It has made me want to break out the pink lipsticks!  Hurry up spring!!

4) WATER!! In an effort to feel more human I have been trying (and failing) to drink 2 litres of water each day.  It does make a difference, I just need to remember to drink it i.e. not be so busy to forget!  It helps that I love the taste!

5) Natural yoghurt!  At the moment I am eating Bio and Activia strawberry and raspberry.  It tastes great but more importantly it contains good bacteria cultures (to help me be beautifully healthy on the inside while sporting my pinky lips, red sore nose and clay mask).  This is especially important if you are on anti-biotics, as this type of medication kills all the good AND bad bacteria in one go- leaving you with a low immune system.

I chose these because of my current state, but I wanted to include some more Sassy minerals- although I havent been wearing them recently as I've been pretty make-up less.  I'm blowing my nose that much that it makes my eyes water- and everything comes off with the tissues!  So coming up, Glam crystals/Sassy/Gosh/Mac- I want to swatch you the winter blush I am using and love/ I just dont want my sickly germs in any of my products!!

So there are 5 products on my current 'reach for' list!
Have you tried any?  What are 5 products on your current 'reach for' list?  If you want to do a post on this then don't forget to link in the comments!

Also dont forget my giveaway to win a Mac E/s, Elf E/s, Philosophy lipgloss, National collection lip liner, Teal earings and...well who knows.   100 enteries means a second place prize!

I also have a giveaway lined up for after this one closes, and a few valentines looks :)
Stay well  and warm xx


  1. The Neutrogena face wash and mask is definitely one of my favourites, I'm using another face wash atm as part of my project using up but I'll definitely be going back to Neutrogena once I've finished everything x

  2. I really like that Nivea Lip Care, I have a few sticks hanging about the place.

  3. Thank you for following my blog,
    Im following yours back :)

    As your from the UK you can enter my competition to win 2 tickets to the beauty UK show in Birmingham :)

    Lots of love,


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