Sunday, 3 January 2010

Blog sale Updated: Mac and Urban Decay

Click Here to go to my latest sale post. Just added  few mac and urban decay bits and pieces. Some Limited Editions and discontinued.  Just part of the new year clearout (5 bottles of fix+ is a bit excessive I think!! 3 x roe fix +.. one is being sold).  I do have more items to add (a whole box to be exact!) but I can only cope with uploading a few at a time (photographing/uploading/typing).

So have a look, sub to that blog if you want, or follow me on twitter as i normally post there when I am sorting out more uploads.

I truely am a hoarder.  If I like something I will buy excessive amounts of it.  If it has nice packaging I will keep it.  My friends think I am mad, but I know you guys understand....right???


  1. Lol you made me laugh then 5 fix plus! I felt like such a good girl today after my blog sale, packaging everything up to post tomorrow, then I went and spent all the money on more crap (eyeroll)!

  2. I know! Woops.. I a a hoarder.. I keep stuff, buy backups.. kep them.. sigh! x


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