Saturday, 2 January 2010

Exciting News! NYX UK!

Thanks to Redz2486 at A Girl's Life

The UK NYX store is finally online!  I found this a few months back but it just said "Underconstruction"  It has now gone live!! HURRAH!! Thanks to Redz for pointing this out!

The lucious makeup is now not so illusive!

The BAD news-check out the prices.. huh?  A normal lippie is near £5- some are even near £9!!  Part of the NYX attraction was the 'cheap as chips' price.  :( This makes them less attractive.

Will you be splashing out on NYX?  What can you recommend?

P.s. Giveaway will be live hopfully this time next week.  I have a REALLY hectic work week and its getting keeping me away from the computer.  However I have an urban Decay Primer Potion, and some winter lipgloss to giveaway, plus some possibly Snow Fairy solid perfume! 

I also have the 'what's in my bag' post, once my camera lets me upload photos!

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