Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Happy 101 TAG See if youre nominated!

Thanks to Sadie at Butterfly Wings AND Lou at http://planetloulou.blogspot.com for tagging me!

To accept the award you need to post 10 things that make you happy and do at least one of them today. Remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass on to 10 others.
Here are my 10 things in no particular order....

1) Long hot bubble baths.  Nothing like having time to have a long soak!  Preferably with a good magazine and a glass of wine!

2) Good music!  You know when you here a good tune you havent heard in ages.. and it just gives you a good feeling-- today I heard....

Yes I did sing along!

3) Good food.  I have been baking a bit more recently.. mostly because of finding some recipes and needing to make them there and then! Wholesome homecooked is great as you know what is in it- although I ddnt have a lovely cooked meal in a pub last weekend.

4)Waking up before the alarm, and knowing that you have several more snuggly hours in bed before you need to get up!

5)Getting blog comments :)

6) Going for a good country walk on a blue skied day.

7) Having everything neat and tidy and sorted.  Tidy house, tidy mind.

8) Reading/seeing people do random acts of kindness.  Like the cab driver who found £5k in his cab and tracked down the people who had left it- it as all their holiday money.... or the random anon business man who bought a local OAP a new mobility scooter after their's was stolen from outside their house.

9) Achieving something after a hard slog.  The sucess is even more sweeter- especially if other people have lost faith in me.

10) The boy.  He makes me happy*- absolutely worth the wait and I'm glad I didn't settle for less. (*most of the time!!)

So there we go!

This has been doing the rounds recently and I think a lot of people have done it already.

I nominate;
And if you havet done this, then I nominate you too.. yes you reading this!

Just pop a link below so I can read yours!

Oh and I plan on doing 1 later tonight. Possibly 7.  I did 4 and 2 earlier.. ..
I try to do number 8 as much as possible. If everyone did number 8 then the world would be a better place.


  1. Oh and shopping of course :) Missed it out on purpose though as it does involved spending.. try to save a bit up a the moment!! x

  2. Thanks so much! :)

    I love listening to music and singing along at top volume.

  3. That song! I love that song so much, it's the one that got everyone dancing at my wedding reception. x

  4. Oh I love your 10 things! I agree with so many of them, like the blog comments, and the boy making me happy!

  5. awwww thanks for the tag!!! hot baths are always good! love your top 10 things!

  6. Random acts of kindness. Ahhh super sweet, love that idea.

  7. @ Jen me too! :)x
    @ Lady Grey- It's a great song! Great for any party- but it must hold a special place i your heart! x
    @Ashwini Great minds... think alike!! :) x
    @Calia you're wlcome! Thanks x
    @Eliza Me too.. it's great to pass happiness on! x


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