Sunday, 17 January 2010


I have managed to raise £50 from my blog sales/ebay/specktra sales of unwanted items and this money has gone to help aids orphans in Africa. More specifically it will be buying some tools, seeds and supplies so that the orphanage can start their own farm and grow their own food.  This will help them to support themselves and learn new skills.  It is a project that one of my family members is involved in, and has spent a lot of voluntary time out there.  I know that everyone is focussed on Haiti at the moment, but I just wanted to share with you the good news.

The little boy I mentioned with aids (who I think was 7 years old with the weight of a UK 2 year old)... you might remember I said he had a cold and had been rushed into hospital.  Well he is out of hospital now and recovering well.  There is a little bit of good news, and how a little bit of money is really helping them.

So the sales will be continuing- I hope to update the blog later today.  Special things Ill put on ebay.
A huge thank you for buying things off me.  I like it when things go to a good home, and I know you guys like bargains!  That's a bit waffley and serious for my blog, but I just wanted to share the news.

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  1. You have a great HEART !!!
    and this is a good news for that lil' boy...

  2. awww so sweet of you hun to do this for a good cause :)
    and am glad the boys fine!

  3. That's so lovely. Well done!

  4. GJ girl!!! ^_^ what an awesome cause!

  5. That`s is great! You are so lovely :)

  6. @ everyone- well it's down to you guys because you guys buy the stuff! :) Great that we are helping the orphange to help themselves though :)xxx


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