Monday, 11 January 2010

Review: Avon Calling... Absynthe by Christians Lacroix

A bit before Christmas, the lovely Jo at gave me some perfume she no longer wanted.  We had been chatting about perfume and I asked for her opinion on it.. and was absolutely gobsmacked when she gave me her bottle saying she didn't want it!!  Jo- you're very kind.  Everyone should check out her blog.  It's a great read and brightens any day! x

Christian Lacroix is a French fashion designer and, like many high end designers, has branched out into accessories.  In 2007 he teamed up with Avon and has since launched 3 perfume ranges with them: Rouge, Noir and the most recent: Absynthe.

Avon/Lacroix say: A mysterious potion of sexy florals and rich woods inspired by the magic of absynthe. 1.7 fl. oz. 

"Absynthe, a mysteriously mesmerizing 19th century potion known as the green fairy, is still one of the world's most seductive mysteries. Irresistibly inviting, dangerously captivating - a great inspiration to my fashion and newest fragrance." - Christian Lacroix, French Haute Couture Designer 

Computergirl says: The bottle is very pretty. A gorgeous classic green glass bottle with pump spray.  There is gold etching on the bottle.  It reminds me of old vintage hollywood glamour- always a winner in my eyes.  I have been wearing it on and off for since Jo sent it to me and can honestly say that I have had quite a few complements on my perfume :)  It's delicately floral with a vanilla-y scent.  One person (the boy) said I smelt a bit of dollymix :D.  I mostly put it spray on my decolletage and one on my left inner wrist (and then rub my wrists together).  I have had no reaction to this perfume.  The thing that is a bit sneaky is that you don't et as much as you think in the bottle.  See the horizontal line 2/3rdx the way down the bottle?  It is all glass below that line.  Yes it weighs the bottle down so it stands solid, but it means less product, and a waste of glass.

Verdict: I will have no doubt in replacing this when it runs out (and it is lasting well so far!).  I like delicate natural perfumes and this fits straight into my collection.  I always try to 'test' scents by leaving them for a half day and then seeing how they smell as my body warms up the perfume.  In fact I always like to test any product, as I have had reactions in the past (including breakouts all over my face- nice!!)

Where can I get it:  This is exclusive to Avon and retails for around £20 but Avon do do promotions (including a free clutch bag and some Avon products in the most recent campaign).  Please visit the Avon website for your country or see your local rep.  Some catalogues have 'scratch and sniff' panels so you can smell the scent, but I think soe reps have bottles you can test.

Do you have this or any other Lacroix perfumes?  What is your fave perfume?

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  1. Oooh, this sounds lovely! I love vanilla scents.

  2. I love it too.. infact they say girls should wear it because it makes guys think we are sweeties :)

    Which we are of course;)

  3. Awww Im so glad you like it hunny. Its so funny how perfume works well for different people. Fantastic honest review babe.


  4. Jo- thanks for sending it :) and for the kind words. xxxx


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