Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Review: Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner: Purple Stain

"Purple Stain, Purple Stain.." If you are too young then you won't be singing the Prince song 'Purple rain'... with new lyrics... unlike me...ahem. (Youtube it kids!)

GOSH cosmetics Velvet Touch Eyeliner: Purple stain

GOSH Say: Waterproof and pigmented. Contains Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. No perfume!

I say: A vibrant purple shot through with electric blue.  I love it and here is why...

It is soft and doesnt drag my eye skin.
It's creamy and applies easily.
It doesnt cost the earth.
It isnt tested on animals.

You can see the two colours in this wobbly image!

I can honestly say that I havent found it to smudge or fade eaily- but budges with a make-up remover (not the L'oreal one, which I have finally finished and won't repurchase.  See old review).

I am very impressed with these and will be posting more swatches and reviews on their colours.

GOSH Velvet Touch liners come in a range of colours and can be purchased at Superdrug counters with a GOSH stand.  They retail for around £5 and are among the best eyeliners I have tried recently!

Have you tried these pencils?  What do you think?  What pencils do you like?


  1. I love these. I have this one and the colour is gorgeous :). The black one is my ultimate pencil liner! xo

  2. Ooo Yes I have the black one too :) use that quite a bit too. :)x

  3. I love these :) GOSH sent me a few when I complained about a filthy unhygienic display in a Superdrug near me haha. I'm wearing this one today, and you will never believe this but I was thinking of Purple Rain when I put it on. And I was born in 1991. ;P

  4. 91?! I. feel. so. old!! But great minds think alike! It was a toss up between the Urban Decay one and this one. This one is so pretty. I love using it. x

  5. I actually much prefer these to the Urban Decay liners - the UDs don't show up in my waterline and tend to smudge more on me! x

  6. Oh, these look great! I love eyeliner pens - so much easier to apply than the brush ones. And it's a great strong colour, too. Definitely one to invest in!

  7. this looks good! sometimes purples are too dark and you can't really tell it is purple, but this looks really pretty :D

  8. Thanks for this - I will def give them a try! Don't worry I remember Purple Rain, I was born in the early 80's!!!
    Claire xx

  9. @Leanne I do like a few of the UD ones, but these are so soft! x

    @Laura Yay.. I'm liking the things I have tried so far :) x

    @Jen I have a few gel liners by other companies and love those. Liquid liner is the one I struggle with- I have one pen with a brush end and liquid liner. It dried up very quickly and faded, and I couldnt get teh lines straight. Pens and gels at the moment for me! Gosh have some great colours though :) x

    @Em Hello- great name :) This is a great vibrant colour and I love wearing it :) x

    @Claire You're welcome. I'd be interested to know what you think of them! :) x

    Thanks for the comments and tweets ladies :) x

  10. i have quite a few of the gosh pencils and theyre far superior to MAC. Id say theyre on a par with Urban Decay's 24-7 pencils for quality.

  11. Great review, thanks! Funky Violet is also a great purple in the same range...my favs at the moment are Pretty Petrol, Golden Globe and Black Ink (the one I used in my Smokey Eyes blog post). I think because these are so creamy you really need to go lightly with them and blend out as you go - it creates such a pretty effect. Please post some of your other colours! x

  12. @Sakara I still havet made up my mind, I think it depends on the colours with some- but I think I should try out some more pencils first ;) There are a few Mac and UD ones that have impressed me.. x

    @Kirsty, Thanks for the sweet comment! I'll have a lok for funky violet next time I am in. I don't think I have it, but I might be wrong. Some things get lost in my tubs/drawers.. I'll have to get them all out and swatch them for you! I agree about going light and blending- just such a great thing they dont drag :) x


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