Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Virus :/

I've  got rid of a trojan virus of my computer.  If any weird things start happening, I appologise now.  Please lt me know if you see any weird posts/emails/tweets from me.  I hope I got it in time...... :( Could have done without this!!!

Hopefully normal post tomorrow :)


  1. I had a trojoan pop up on my pc last night too. Luckily my virus software got it. Hope you sort it soon x

  2. trojan viruses SUCK!!! hope you can fix things up! *hugs*

  3. @Lady Gray, I think so...fingers crossed. Your virus checker must be better than mine! Norton didnt spot it!! x

    @Calia Yup evil things!! Thanks.. fingers crossed :) x

  4. I hope its all gone, what a pain for you x


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