Thursday, 25 February 2010

Got a burning beauty question for a Professional?

A professional make-up artist, hair stylist, clothes stylist, photographer? This is your last day to ask before I attend the pro photoshoot in London for Aussie haircare, where I will be make-upified, hair styled, clothes styled and snapped!  To read my original post on the adventure click here!

I will need the questions to be posted either on this post, or the original post very quickly, or I wont be able to pick them up in tie to take with me! 


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ooooh hello Alice: Haul Preview

Guess what arrived this morning...

Do you want pictures, or are you all 'Alice-d out'?

Recent hauls include this little baby before it sold out online.   I also bought two pairs of boots this weekend and promised to post blog photos on twitter.  In other news I received a few goodies from America!  I have to go get some eye drops now (so I wont be posting an Alic EOTD as I have no eye make-up on at the moment!) but might do some photos later in the week if the stye clears up!

P.s. My follower comp is closed and the winner will be announced shortly.  However my Skin MD Natural giveaway is still open (click on the right sidebar link!)  I also have more prizes to give away as I have topped 150 and 200 followers!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Exciting news- I'm modelling 4 Aussie! Your Q's and advice please!

Exciting new. I have a photoshoot!  I have been invited to spend a day in London with Aussie haircare at a photoshoot..... as the subject.  Yes, computergirl is going to have her make-up done, hair done, and be photographed with a small handful of other beauty and fashion bloggers!
(Photography from Sony website)

2010 has bought lots of stress and heartache so far.  I am looking forward to a day of complete change.  However I am a bit of a mess at the moment, and very unphotogenic- the team will have their work cut out!!

I need your help with;
1) Styling.
2) Any questions you want to as a professional Make-up artist. (MUA)
3) Any questions you want to ask a professional stylist.
4) Any hair questions you want to ask.
5) Any photograhic questions you want me to ask

I have been told to take spring/summer fashion clothes that are close to the current trends. 

"This coming season, it's all about peaches and faded denim, crisp whites and florals - all very feminine, but perhaps with a little edge!"

Seeing as the UK seems to think it is still winter (5 inches of snow round me as I type), I am thinking of leggings under a floaty dress.  What do you think?  Any trend tips?

Yes, I will apparently be attended by a team of pros, and ever-willing to take advantage for you guys, I want to compile a list of questions for them.  I will do my best to quick-fire questions at them!  Please have a think about what burning questions you want to know, and type them below.  I will take a list and ask as many as I can!  Obviously it will be hard for me to ask personal questions without you being there (i.e.Q:  What colour eyeshadow suits me? A: Urm what colour eyes, hair and skin do you have?!)

Here is one to get you going?

To MUA: What are the spring catwalk make-up trends, and how can I water them down for a day look?

I will need all questions by Thursday 25th Feb 2010.  I will try to ask them all, but I can not guarentee.

P.s. Other news, my follower giveaway is closed (winner to be announced shortly), my skincare giveaway is still open (click sidebar link), and my blog sale is going to be revamped in a few days!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Cranberry Lips love

A recent addition to my growing collection!

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Cranberry.
A 'slightly brighter than my natural lip colour' pink with some teeny tiny gold shimmer. (think Maybelline's Lipstick in Gallactive Mauve goldy shimmer, but less).

You can see a bit of the gold in this picture (with flash).

I found it had quite good staying power, but I wouldnt say it is exactly full of 'moisture'.  I have been using various glosses over the top to help balance this out.  It glides on quite nicely and isn't gritty.  This is from Boots and fairly cheap so I guess you get what you pay for!

Swatches with and without flash.

As you can see, it sort of has a bit of a brown undertone if you catch it in the light right.
I am not sure how much like cranberry it is, but I just wanted to share it with you.  A nice spring colour from the low end of the market- just don't expect wonders!

Don't forget to enter my giveaways by clicking the right hand bar link!
One closes later tonight, then other closes in a week or so.

Also stay tuned for an important and very exciting announcement tomorrow!

Opertation Lent! Chocolate, water, yoga/exercise help!?

I normally give up chocolate for lent, however this year I havent even had pancake day!  I have therefore decided that I am going to take something up for lent!

After I have my pancake day, I will be cutting down on chocolate.  However my lent challenge, which I have started today, is to drink 1.6-2 litres of water a day.  If my diet is good then I should get some water from the food I eat.  I normally drink a good few glasses each day, but my routine has been so sporadic this year that I have struggled to take care of myself (and it shows).

How will I do this?
I have a water bottle which holds 750ml.  Two and a half times that will be a good daily intake.  So I will be carrying it around with me, and drinking as much as I can.  I figure if I sip it throughout the day then I am more likely to drink my target amount, than panicking at the end of the day and drinking 2 glasses in quick time!

So that is the chocolate and water..Yoga?!
(image from

I have been researching this to see if it will give me a good work out.  My exercise routine needs a bit of a shake-up.  I am not too worried about loosing weight, but I want a nice toning activity, and some cardio.  I have never been good at cardio.

I am not sure if yoga has proven medical benefits, or if it will help with cardio.  I have tried to find out and come up with all sorts of different answers.  If anyone knows then I would really apprecaite the advice!

Also if anyone knows how much cardio I should aim to do each week, that would really help!  If I did a session of yoga, and a session of swimming a week, would that be enough?!!!?

So, are you giving anything up/taking anything on?  Do you know about yoga? Or exercise?  How do you stay in shape?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Skin MD Natural Review and Giveaway

Waay back in 2009 I was contacted by a lovely lady who aked me if I wanted to try Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion.  I make no secret of the fact I have bad skin, so I am always open to trying new products and tips.  However I do like to find out if the products are tested or made from animals products- thankfully Skin MD Natural answered no to both of those questions.

Apart from my face, I have always found the rest of my skin to suffer from a bit of dryness and those little pimples/bumps on the backs of my arms.  Add to that the fact that it is winter in the UK and my skin felt like it was in serious need of some TLC!


What Skin MD Natural say:
"If you've been looking for a skin care product that can heal dry skin and keep the ravages of time at bay, take a look at a breakthrough based on years of research by doctors and chemists - shielding lotion.

A Shielding Lotion is far more effective as a dry skin treatment than conventional moisturizing lotions or protective creams. If you suffer from dry skin, you know that just using a moisturizing lotion doesn't solve the problem."

They claim this product helps lock natural moisture and oils inside your skin, helping ease lots of skin problems like eczema, dry skin and psoriasis.  Their website has a lot of information on these claims, backed up my some medical studies.

What I say:
I have been using this product since before Christmas and have been quite suprised by the results.  Firstly there is no overpowering weird smell.  There is a light natural fragrance, but nothing too odd.  Whenever I have used a shielding lotion or intense moisturiser, I have found the product to be really thick and gloopy- resulting in my skin feeling greasy for ages afterwards.  This product is quite light in consistancy, but boy does it soak in and soften my skin.  Even the boy randomly commented on how soft my hands are (and we all know that boys dont normally spot subtle things!!)  What I also like is the fact that it keeps working- even 24 hours after applications, my skin is soft and smooth.  It really helped my pimples on the back of my arms.  I didn use it every 8 hours as mentioned, but it worked well with less frequent application.

Prevention is better than cure, and this lotion trys to stop moisture escaping from your skin, rather than replace it.

It is expensive for a small bottle, however I would consider buying it in the future.  I think it could really help my chapped winter hands, or soften my knees and heels in the summer.  I perhaps wouldnt have picked up the product (because of the price) but have been suprised by its effects.  I would be interested to see what british skin doctors say on the matter.

Skin MD Natural is available internationally- but those in  the UK can pick it up for around £15 from Lloyds Chemist.  They also do a version with SPF added.

Have you tried this product?  Do you use another sheilding lotion?  Any thoughts?

Now on to the fun part!  Do you want to try some of this lotion for yourself?  Skin MD have offered me a full sized bottle to give away to oe of you lucky readers.  It will be send directly to your address. The best bit? They will send internationally!

How to enter:
Just comment below telling me one of the ingredients in Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion.  You can find this information on their website.  Don't all go for the same one!!  Alternatively you can tell me what one skin cure you REALLY want to see in your lifetime!

For an extra entry then post a dedicated blog post on your personal blog with a link to here. Dont forget to link the post in the comments below so I can check!)

Competition will close 10th March 2010 at 20:00GMT. Winner picked by random!  Winner to respond within 3 days or a new winner will be picked!

I was sent this product for review purposes.  I found it did improve my skin, however this is just my opioion and not based on medical tests.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Giveaway closing date and Blog Update

Thanks for bearing with me this horrible week.  My posting will continue to be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks as I spend time with my family, but I'm starting to see the sunshine through the rain :)  If you do nothing else this weekend then give your loved ones a big hug and make time to tell them that you love them.

Firstly my giveaway will close Friday 19th February 2010 at 11.59pm GMT.  Winner will be announced shortly after.

Secondly here are some posts I have started to write. Finding time to finish them is a bit hard at the moment, I'll try to get one up this weekend.

Some exciting preluanch reviews shhh!
Skin MD natural skincare review.
Blush Love Part 3.
New lippie haul/review.
Glissandra review.
Sassy minerals swatches.
Cosmetics a la carte review
My new fave beauty accessory- Which I am using every day and love!
Awards and tags - (yes the 'What's in my bag tag!')
Bath products

I have also been reading your comments on what you want to read and have lots of ideas to share with you.

Plus a super exciting giveaway (or two!)

On other news, I have been getting random compliments on my face skin.  This is very rare for me as I suffer from a lot of bad skin.  I'll be sharing some tips with you.

Again sorry for the blogging disruption, so far 2010 has been a bit pants but I hope that it will get better form here!

Take care!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Giveaway extended (I'm offline for a bit)

Due to personal circumstances I have not/will not be online very much for the moment. If you have been trying to tweet/email/contact me then I hope you will be patient with me.  I will get back to, just not quickly!

With this in mind I will be extending my giveaway for at least a week.  I just don't have the time or energy to devote to it this week.

Please don't ask me about what happened, some things are too personal for internet sharing.  Thanks for your understanding. x

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Swatches: Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner: Ocean Mist & Golden Moss

After my review of a Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner in "Purple Stain" (Click here to see) some of you asked to see some more swatches of other colours I own in this range.  Here are two more from my ever growing collection! 

I stick by everything I said in my write-up of 'Purple Stain'.
  • These pencil liners are soft and creamy meaning you do not need a lot of force when applying.  (Great for our delicate eye area).
  • These liners are smudge proof and water resistant!  They only budge when you really want them to (preferably with a good make-up remover).
  • These liners are affordable at £5 each from Superdrug.
Ocean Mist is a light silver/lilac/grey.  Great for lightening and brightening your eyes and making them look bigger!  I use this on my inner corner quite a lot.

The lower one is Golden Moss. A gorgeous khakis green/gold with a few tiny tiny little bits of goldy shimmer.  It sort of looks like an antique gold.  I find I can wear this for a daytime look without it being too over the top.


Both of these go brilliantly with blue eyes although I'm pretty sure they will flatter most eye colours.
So there you go!  Do you have any of these?  How do you use them?

You can pick these up in superdrug, or view this range online HERE.

P.s. At the time of blogging, Purple Stain is NOT being discontinued.  I contacted GOSH to ask for clarification after being mis-informed by a Superdrug employee.  It is a gorgeous colour and I hope they never stop making it!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Blush Love 2: The Body Shop Pink Heather

The second in my series introducing you to one of my blushes!

Click here to see the first post! MAC Well Dressed

As I previously stated, my blush collection includes some lighter colours (which I tend to reach for in spring/summer), and some darker berry colours (which I tend to reach for in autumn/winter).  Living in the UK means that I'm reluctant to go outside lots in the winter.  I tend to get out more in the wamer weather, and this leaves me with more of a natural 'rosy glow'- so I dont need to  fake it as much!!

Blush love 2: The Body Shop: Pink Heather Colour 03

This has been a staple colour that I have replaced several times.  It is a natural muted colour, which suits my colouring perfectly!  My gripe is that the packaging has got smaller over the past few years, though I'm pretty sure the price hasnt been reduced ;)

It is a powder blush, but isnt gritty or grainy.  There is no shimmer or glitter in it this baby, so no crazy glitterball impersonations!  I am quite happy to pop this on in the morning and find that I dont have to touch it up much during the day.  I do normlly use a setting powder over the top which helps it to last longer!

Here are some swatches!

This blush costs £8.50 from The Body Shop or The Body Shop online.

Have you tried The Body Shop blushes?  Do you have any dupes for this colour?

Have you entered my giveaway?

If so, good luck!  If not then click the link in the right sidebar to be in with a chance to win...

A new pair of Dorothy Perkins earrings
A new MAC clam shell eyeshadow in Bamboo
A new natural Collection lip liner in Almond
A new Philosophy lipgloss
A new Elf Eye brightning Quad in Matte Mauve

And who knows what else!  Total prize haul worth over £30!

Competition closes 10th Febuary at 11:59 GMT!  Got to be in it to win it!!
Plus, if I get 100 individual entries then I'll add a second place prize!

Stay tuned for more Blush love, giveaways, reviews, news, tips, photos and much more!

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