Friday, 19 February 2010

Cranberry Lips love

A recent addition to my growing collection!

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Cranberry.
A 'slightly brighter than my natural lip colour' pink with some teeny tiny gold shimmer. (think Maybelline's Lipstick in Gallactive Mauve goldy shimmer, but less).

You can see a bit of the gold in this picture (with flash).

I found it had quite good staying power, but I wouldnt say it is exactly full of 'moisture'.  I have been using various glosses over the top to help balance this out.  It glides on quite nicely and isn't gritty.  This is from Boots and fairly cheap so I guess you get what you pay for!

Swatches with and without flash.

As you can see, it sort of has a bit of a brown undertone if you catch it in the light right.
I am not sure how much like cranberry it is, but I just wanted to share it with you.  A nice spring colour from the low end of the market- just don't expect wonders!

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  1. How long does the colour stay on do u reckon? ox

  2. Hi Bethany, I dont know how long it would stay on in general as it depends on your skin/daily activities I guess. I have found it keeps a colour on my lips for a good 2-4 hours at a time- even longer if I use gloss or balm over the top (and dont eat, drink, rub my lips etc!) I think it acts a bit more like a stain than a moisture lipstick personally. I have had some lippes fade and bleed within 20 minutes. I wouldnt feel comfortable not reapplying this during the day, but it seems to last me a trip to the supermarket! Hope that helps a bit! Emma :) x

  3. I did a post on this lipstick the other day as well as one in rose petal :) I find them okay to wear without a gloss over like they're not drying for me, although I don't think they're adding much in terms in moisture (not a replacement for lip balm! lol). Such a good price too xx

  4. Looks gorgeous, I love natural collection lipsticks my fav being apple blossom! XO

  5. @Becca I'll check your post out! I just got into habbit of putting gloss over as I have had really dry lips recently. I agree with you that balm is better than the moisture part of this product, but the price is very good! x

    @Hannah Yay! You shoudl try this one! x


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