Saturday, 20 February 2010

Exciting news- I'm modelling 4 Aussie! Your Q's and advice please!

Exciting new. I have a photoshoot!  I have been invited to spend a day in London with Aussie haircare at a photoshoot..... as the subject.  Yes, computergirl is going to have her make-up done, hair done, and be photographed with a small handful of other beauty and fashion bloggers!
(Photography from Sony website)

2010 has bought lots of stress and heartache so far.  I am looking forward to a day of complete change.  However I am a bit of a mess at the moment, and very unphotogenic- the team will have their work cut out!!

I need your help with;
1) Styling.
2) Any questions you want to as a professional Make-up artist. (MUA)
3) Any questions you want to ask a professional stylist.
4) Any hair questions you want to ask.
5) Any photograhic questions you want me to ask

I have been told to take spring/summer fashion clothes that are close to the current trends. 

"This coming season, it's all about peaches and faded denim, crisp whites and florals - all very feminine, but perhaps with a little edge!"

Seeing as the UK seems to think it is still winter (5 inches of snow round me as I type), I am thinking of leggings under a floaty dress.  What do you think?  Any trend tips?

Yes, I will apparently be attended by a team of pros, and ever-willing to take advantage for you guys, I want to compile a list of questions for them.  I will do my best to quick-fire questions at them!  Please have a think about what burning questions you want to know, and type them below.  I will take a list and ask as many as I can!  Obviously it will be hard for me to ask personal questions without you being there (i.e.Q:  What colour eyeshadow suits me? A: Urm what colour eyes, hair and skin do you have?!)

Here is one to get you going?

To MUA: What are the spring catwalk make-up trends, and how can I water them down for a day look?

I will need all questions by Thursday 25th Feb 2010.  I will try to ask them all, but I can not guarentee.

P.s. Other news, my follower giveaway is closed (winner to be announced shortly), my skincare giveaway is still open (click sidebar link), and my blog sale is going to be revamped in a few days!


  1. legging with floaty dress is just perfect!!
    i wanna ask is it okay to wash ur hair twice a day?

  2. Hi Vanilla!
    Great, I'll put one tick next to that combination on my list!

    Thanks for the question! I have washed my twice in a day before, but I have read that it does strip natural oils off your hair (which then makes it produce even more to compensate). Good question- I will pop that on my list and try and find out what they say!
    Emma :)x

  3. Maybe Like A Flower Floaty Dress..
    Florals In =) ox

  4. Aw well done you! That's a fabulous experience and you should just relish every moment of it!
    Wear something that makes you feel good, confident and fabulous in! I personally love a cute tee dress, lace tights and boots?
    But just go with your own style and you will rock! :)

  5. I don't really suggest you taking leggings. They are quite out this season. Althought if you have leather-like ones and combine them with soft coloured floaty top, you'd look nice. But the sentence you qouted is just right. What i would take: faded(really faded) skinny jeans, paechy(scarlet,beige pink,blush,acid yellow,lavender,seafoam green)loose shirt. And the same colour faded short denim jacket with nice details, like zippers and stuff. Or instead of the denim jacket take leather jacket. But short. You know like the one which ends under the chest. :) It's really hard to describe for me, but i hope you understood me lol... :))

  6. That's exciting can't wait to see the final pictures <3

  7. and a Floral Bodycon dress will be PERFECT

  8. @Bethany Trying to find all the floral clothes I have already in my wardrobe :) x

    @Milly I'm going to try to relish it! Great word! Ooo I hadnt thought of lacy tights! I have a few pairs of those already- and I do like tights and boots (though I dont have many heeled pairs). Tights will be easy to carry and change too, and warm! Thnks for the comment and help! x

    @VaidaG Thanks for the comment- I think I understand. I am trying to combine what I already have with perhaps one or two new things. I don't have leather leggins, or a leather jacket. I have a denim type blazer jacket. I think I need to go shopping!! Thanks for the tips! I am going to have to cover up my legs ecause it is sooo cold here at the moment!! x

    @Hollywood Oooo yes, I havent seen one of those recently though! Time to get searching!! Thanks x

  9. Oh I am so thrilled for you! How exciting! I love Aussie (the 3 minute miracle is one of my favorite smells ever!) products - I have no doubt that this will be an incredible experience for you!


  10. Hi , just to let you know my competition has now ended please check to see if it was you who won :D

    Lots of love,

  11. This is so exciting, so happy for you! Absolutely adore Aussie!


  12. This is brilliant. So happy for you babe! Have an amazing time and tell us all on your return.

  13. Wow this is fab news! :). You'll have such a great time, I can't wait to hear how it goes! xo

  14. CONGRATS!!! I'm excited for you!!! you've got the style and the questions down!! I think you're pretty much set!!! remember to just enjoy the moment and have fun!!!

  15. @trippingtiffies Thanks :) The Aussie 3 minute product smells so good :D x

    @Katie Thank you! Yay!x

    @Dreams that Glitter Thank you! x

    @Eliza Thank you! I will be sure to tell all :)x

    @Emma I will take lots of pictures for you! x

    @Calia Thank you! I will enjoy the day and be sure to report back!

    To everyoe else- have you got anymore questions? Tips? One day left to give me some questions and style tips!


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