Friday, 12 February 2010

Giveaway closing date and Blog Update

Thanks for bearing with me this horrible week.  My posting will continue to be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks as I spend time with my family, but I'm starting to see the sunshine through the rain :)  If you do nothing else this weekend then give your loved ones a big hug and make time to tell them that you love them.

Firstly my giveaway will close Friday 19th February 2010 at 11.59pm GMT.  Winner will be announced shortly after.

Secondly here are some posts I have started to write. Finding time to finish them is a bit hard at the moment, I'll try to get one up this weekend.

Some exciting preluanch reviews shhh!
Skin MD natural skincare review.
Blush Love Part 3.
New lippie haul/review.
Glissandra review.
Sassy minerals swatches.
Cosmetics a la carte review
My new fave beauty accessory- Which I am using every day and love!
Awards and tags - (yes the 'What's in my bag tag!')
Bath products

I have also been reading your comments on what you want to read and have lots of ideas to share with you.

Plus a super exciting giveaway (or two!)

On other news, I have been getting random compliments on my face skin.  This is very rare for me as I suffer from a lot of bad skin.  I'll be sharing some tips with you.

Again sorry for the blogging disruption, so far 2010 has been a bit pants but I hope that it will get better form here!

Take care!


  1. I can't wait to read all your new posts! have a fabulous weekend!


  2. have a great weekend love - take it slow and relax!!! ^_^

  3. I hope you're doing better!


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