Thursday, 25 February 2010

Got a burning beauty question for a Professional?

A professional make-up artist, hair stylist, clothes stylist, photographer? This is your last day to ask before I attend the pro photoshoot in London for Aussie haircare, where I will be make-upified, hair styled, clothes styled and snapped!  To read my original post on the adventure click here!

I will need the questions to be posted either on this post, or the original post very quickly, or I wont be able to pick them up in tie to take with me! 



  1. How exciting! Have fun & take pictures!


  2. Oh could you perhaps ask how someone can find their prefect red lippie. I know it all depends on whether you are yellow or pink based but I'm not sure what one I am! I seem to be a bit both. Perhaps they can suggest a colour that suits most or both?
    I know this is a big question so I fully understand if you can't ask.
    Have an amazing time babe.

  3. @Tripping I will do! x

    @Eliza, I'll try and get some answers for you on the red lip! x

    @Third poster, sorry but my internet browser isnt recognising the text you have written, is it in another language? I can't reply :(:( Could you type you comment again, or translate it? Thanks x


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