Friday, 19 February 2010

Opertation Lent! Chocolate, water, yoga/exercise help!?

I normally give up chocolate for lent, however this year I havent even had pancake day!  I have therefore decided that I am going to take something up for lent!

After I have my pancake day, I will be cutting down on chocolate.  However my lent challenge, which I have started today, is to drink 1.6-2 litres of water a day.  If my diet is good then I should get some water from the food I eat.  I normally drink a good few glasses each day, but my routine has been so sporadic this year that I have struggled to take care of myself (and it shows).

How will I do this?
I have a water bottle which holds 750ml.  Two and a half times that will be a good daily intake.  So I will be carrying it around with me, and drinking as much as I can.  I figure if I sip it throughout the day then I am more likely to drink my target amount, than panicking at the end of the day and drinking 2 glasses in quick time!

So that is the chocolate and water..Yoga?!
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I have been researching this to see if it will give me a good work out.  My exercise routine needs a bit of a shake-up.  I am not too worried about loosing weight, but I want a nice toning activity, and some cardio.  I have never been good at cardio.

I am not sure if yoga has proven medical benefits, or if it will help with cardio.  I have tried to find out and come up with all sorts of different answers.  If anyone knows then I would really apprecaite the advice!

Also if anyone knows how much cardio I should aim to do each week, that would really help!  If I did a session of yoga, and a session of swimming a week, would that be enough?!!!?

So, are you giving anything up/taking anything on?  Do you know about yoga? Or exercise?  How do you stay in shape?


  1. I Really want to do this or at least lose some weight/tone up!
    Well done in doing this! =) ox

  2. My in-laws have gotten into fitness, and they alternate between cardio, strength and Yoga. Since you are doing swimming (which is SO great!), you could alternate between swimming, yoga, strength and cardio, so you'll prevent boredom and accelerate the results. Great resolution, all the best. :)

  3. I find swimming to be extremely beneficial to weight loss and you feel like you've had a good work out afterwards!
    Im not a massive yoga fan however i have never really had a full lesson i have only had tasters of it, keep us updated though :)

    thanks xxx

  4. oh my gosh, i am amazed someone can actually do that! i always considered myself flexible, but now i see that i am very wrong!!

  5. @Bethany Lnt is a good time to trial something for a while- not quite as scary a new year's resolution! x

    @Ashwini- Thanks, sounds like a plan! :) x

    @Danielle I have done a few yoga sessions but have struggled to find out how beneficial it actually is! Obviously if I sign up then I'll find out, but I dont want to waste any money. I think I'm going to have to just go for it!! x

    @Tiff It's a scary picture isnt it- I have 0 flexibilty!! Hopefully it will get better! x

  6. Oh goodluck, I know I could never give up chocolate, I'm so badly addicted.

    For exercise I really love body pump classes, I really enjoy the challenge and how afterwards you can actually feel you've worked out. I normally go on the treadmill for around 30mins after the class, then ride my bike home.

    I'd love to try yoga or pilates though, just need to get my butt to the gym more lol.

  7. @Ambiguous Artistry I actually gave up chocolate for several lents and was suprised at how little i missed it- and how much i didnt like the taste when I was allowed it!

    Body pump is an idea, I'll try to check that out! Thanks x

  8. Exercise is very important in person's life in order to be physically fit and have a good health. One of this exercise which help us to be physically fit is the yoga. Exercise is one of the best weapon also against illnesses and for beginners


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