Thursday, 4 February 2010

Swatches: Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner: Ocean Mist & Golden Moss

After my review of a Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner in "Purple Stain" (Click here to see) some of you asked to see some more swatches of other colours I own in this range.  Here are two more from my ever growing collection! 

I stick by everything I said in my write-up of 'Purple Stain'.
  • These pencil liners are soft and creamy meaning you do not need a lot of force when applying.  (Great for our delicate eye area).
  • These liners are smudge proof and water resistant!  They only budge when you really want them to (preferably with a good make-up remover).
  • These liners are affordable at £5 each from Superdrug.
Ocean Mist is a light silver/lilac/grey.  Great for lightening and brightening your eyes and making them look bigger!  I use this on my inner corner quite a lot.

The lower one is Golden Moss. A gorgeous khakis green/gold with a few tiny tiny little bits of goldy shimmer.  It sort of looks like an antique gold.  I find I can wear this for a daytime look without it being too over the top.


Both of these go brilliantly with blue eyes although I'm pretty sure they will flatter most eye colours.
So there you go!  Do you have any of these?  How do you use them?

You can pick these up in superdrug, or view this range online HERE.

P.s. At the time of blogging, Purple Stain is NOT being discontinued.  I contacted GOSH to ask for clarification after being mis-informed by a Superdrug employee.  It is a gorgeous colour and I hope they never stop making it!


  1. ooooh, i love that green color! that would look great with my eyes!

    thanks for commenting on my site, too. i appreciate it!

    please link me to your blogroll, if you don't mind:)

  2. Nice, I wish they were twist up though, I hate sharpening pencils, always goes wrong for me haha!


  3. The green! Gorgeous!

    I also hate sharpening penci liners hehe

  4. @TrippingTiffies It's a lovely colour! And i'm sorry I don't have a blog roll! I should probably look into getting one! x

    @Lazy Dazey Gosh do have some twist up ones, and I think they had some similar colours. I have had twist up ones from other brands and found they dried out quite quickly, maybe Gosh are different though..? x

    @Em It is! :)x

  5. golden moss looks totally gorgeous. I don't think we get GOSH in the US. These remind me of UD 24/7 pencils.


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