Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Glissandra Anti-aging Skincare Review.

Last year I was contacted by a company called Glissandra, asking if I wanted to know some more about their products.  Glissandra are an american company, who specialise in anti-aging products.  I am at an age where I am noticing the first signs of aging, so I am looking for the best ways to protect my skin for the future.

When Glissandra said they would send me a few samples, I thought a few satchets and a leaflet would arrive.  Instead I was presented with this......

3 full sized products, wrapped really nicely in a Glissandra bag!

What Glissandra say:

The Glissandra 3-Step Skincare System is the first skincare regimen to safely and effectively target the major causes of skin aging by harrnessing the healing powers of the Schisandra berry.

Glissandra's instructions for the Skincare System For optimal results, use the complete system twice daily, in the morning and evening. Apply to clean, dry skin.
  • Step 1 – Apply a thin layer of restorative Glissandra™ Serum over problematic areas on the face and neck. These may include visible expression lines, droopy eyelids, wrinkles, enlarged pores, age spots, puffiness under the eyes and dark circles.
  • Step 2 – Gently massage a dime-size amount of age-renewal Glissandra™ Face Cream over the face and neck, including areas where the serum has already been applied.
  • Step 3 – Apply a pea-size amount of rejuvenating Glissandra™ Eye Cream gently around the eye area, including areas where the serum has already been applied.
 Ok, sounds simple...

What Computergirl says:

I am a big fan of natural products.  I am also impressed that Glissandra do not test on animals.

I find the system quite straight forward to use.  I like that I can target certain areas more, but still help all protect all of my face and neck.  All to often there seems to be a 'one product' fits all approach, which just doesn't work on all skin types- especially with anti-aging products.  I have combination skin, and more fine lines/wrinkles around my mouth, eyes and forehead.  These areas need a bit of extra help.

The packaging for these products is robust and solid.  It feels like it would withstand travel without emptying the liquids inside your bag!  It also looks luxurious, and not obvious to anyone that it is an anti-aging product.  Perfect for any dressing table.

I have found that these products do not smell odd, they sink in well and don't leave a residue on my skin.  Further to this I have noticed an improvement in my skin while using this range.  Normally I wake up with puffy eyelids in the morning- this has been noticably less since using Glissandra.  I have also noticed my skin seems to have a bit more of a healthy glow about it.  This is much better than some of the eye creams I have tried- namely the ones which clogged up my pores and bought me out in spots round my eyes. Obviously cheap ingredients which sunk into the skin and were too heavy to be moved.

Here is a sample of the eye cream, face cream and serum.  All smooth and creamy.

Sound good?  I think I will be using this for quite a while as I am especially interested in it's claims to help skin elasticity and age spots in the long run.

Where can I find out more?
Glissandra's website is a good place to start 
Each product can be bought seperately, or as part of the three step skin care system.

The website states the current prices as;

Rejuvenating ye Cream $48 for 14ml

Age-Renewal Face Cream $99 for 50ml

Restorative Face Serum $149 for 30ml

Or the full three step system for $296

Yes these prices may not suit every pocket, but I see face cream as an investment.  You can normally keep it for two years before it goes off and, with this brand, a little goes a long way!  You can paint the canvas, but if the canvas is wrinkled then it will always show through!

Still umming and ahhing?  Glissandra offer a 30day money-back trial guarentee (Click the link on their website for full details).

So, this is my current anti-aging treatment.  As with all things, this is just how I have found it.  You may have different results.  If you have any queries then just send them a message using the contact information on their web page.

Thanks to Glissandra for the chance to try this system!

Do you use anti-aging products?  If so which ones?  What do you find important when choosing an anti-aging product?  Are you likely to try this system?

If you have any questions or want futher information, just say below! Thank you!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My facial sprays & toners! Avene, MAC, Neals Yard...

It's getting a bit warmer in the UK and I find that I am reaching more for my facial sprays.  I have an easy access basket for my most used products, and a facial spray is always in there.  In winter my face can become a victim of the harsh changes in temperature- cold outdoor, dry centrally heated indoors.  In the summer the heat dries it out and can make me uncomfortably hot!

People seem to forget that being near electronic equipment (hairdryers, straighteners, televisions, photocopiers, computers etc) can have a drying effect too as they dry the moisture droplets out of the air.  This is one of the factors that can create static electricity- cue frizzy hair!!  For this reason I always keep a spray in my desk drawer- although I never spray it near the computer!! (They tend to go *BANG* if you feed them liquid).

These are the three I currently have to hand.  If you want a more detailed review on any of the items, please ask.  This is just an overview.

1) Avene Eau Thermal
Just a plain spray can full of Thermal Spring Water which contains small amounts of natural minerals.  It has many uses including setting make-up, soothing diaper rash, refreshing and cleansing.  Suitable for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin.  I have been faithfully using this product for 6 years.  Retails for around £5.50 for 150ml from Boots.

2) MAC Fix +
A spray containing some vitamins and traces of Green Tea, Camomile and Cucumber.  Scented with Sugi (Japanese Cedar wood- thanks google!)  Some sensitive skins may not like this scented spray.  Advertised to add radiance and finish make-up, although I know you can mix it with MAC Cleanse off Oil to create a lotion.  Retails for £11 for 100ml at Selfridges.

3) Neal's Yard Lavender Foral Water
I picked this up in a store, although I can't see it on the website so I think it may be discontinued.  Lavender has soothing and antiseptic properties, which is great for my problem skin.  I use this as a spray toner, and to refresh my face is I feel tired.

Neal's Yard Rose Water (not pictured)
Great to help balance and refresh your face.  Is suitable for sensitive skin.  I have run out of mine but you can see it at
Retails for around £9.50 100ml at Neal's Yard

As you can see, MAC comes out the most expensive of this lot.  I don't use it everyday, but I'm going though a MAC Fix + Rose phase again at the moment (MAC Fix + but perfumed with a light floral fragrance!)

How I use my facial sprays:
This sounds silly, but don't forget to close your mouth and eyes!

TONER.  I cleanse, wait for 5 minutes, spritz 3 or 4 times and pat my face gently with clean dry hands.  I then let this settle for a few minutes before applying moisturiser.

TO SET MAKE-UP.  I hold the spray further away so I end up with a light even dusting on my face.  normally 2 or 3 sprays are enough.  I do not pat this in, but I always have a tissue handy to gently blot any large droplets.  If the spray is too heavy to be applied directly then I spray it across the space in front of my face and walk into the mist!

The only one I will spray heavily on the face and body is Avene- great if you are traveling or doing sport and can't wash.  Also it is free from bacteria, which is better than most service station sinks!

You don't need to buy expensive premade toners and sprays though.  Stay tuned and I will share with you one of the recipes I use for a home made toner/facial spray!  I will also be looking into toners.

Do you use a facial spray or make-up setting spray?  Do you have any of these, or can you recommend one?

Monday, 29 March 2010

Herbalife Herbal Aloe Gel : Summer preparation!

I love natural products.  My skin always seems to respond in a healthy way to items with plant extracts, oils, fruits, minerals...  I suffer from bad skin, and I'm always looking for the right balance of tratments for my skin.

One of natures best 'first aid kits' is the simple Aloe plant.  It has all sort of healing and soothing properties- burn your finger out in the wilds somewhere with no water?  Simply break off a bit of the leaf and rub the cool flesh on the burn*.  I have a botanist friend who keeps one by her kitchen sink for emergency use!  I have seen it crop up in all sorts of forms including fabric conditioner, washing up liquid and even drinks!
(*Make sure you can identify which is the right sort of Aloe to use!!)

Picture Google images.

It seems only natural that people harvest the natural power of this amazing little plant, and put it into transport friendly packaging.  Carrying round a potted Aloe plant is just not practical!

   Herbalife Herbal Aloe Gel   

Herbalife Aloe range is designed to nourish and hydrate skin.  The extensive range includes solid soap, body wash, spray, gel, shampoo and hand wash.  I like Herbalife because they don't test on animals.  They are also aware of their duty to the environment and try to recycle and reuse.

Herbalife say 
"Herbalife Aloe Everyday Soothing Gel contains Whole Leaf Aloe, Chamomille and Calendula Extracts as well as other beneficial ingredients to help provide soothing relief from minor skin irritations.  Apply generously wherever needed."

The gel comes in a lightweight flexible tube which is designed for squeezing (unlike some companies who make it impossible to actually get a product out of the packaging)!  Each one has a small plastic tab that hygenically seals the product.

The gel is clear and fairly light.  It is not sticky and only has a light natural smell- certainly not offensive!

   Computergirl's thoughts   

I have used this gel a number of times and have found that it sinks in really well.  There is no residue, and it doesn't smell!  I really like the packaging and it can be stored easily.  I have seen benefits in my skin from use.  It hydrates my skin and soothes it, keeping it nicely refreshed and cool.  So, what do I use it for?


I have been using Aloe gels or products for many years for;
  • Dry summer skin after the beach and sun has dehydrated it.
  • Chapped winter hands.
  • Sunburn- as an aftersun soother.
  • Razor burn- yes that nice red pimply rash post-shaving.  I always get it :(
  • a final waxing/sugaring treatment- it soothes the skin after hair has been ripped out. Ouch!
I have also used it on other skin problems, like rashes and hives although that is through personal choice and not through any recommendation.  If you use it on minor skin skin problems as directed then you will probably get some soothing comfort out of this product.
Happy post Aloe Gel skin!

It's a great product and get the thumbs up from me- that is why Aloe gels have been a key part of my cabinet for years.  This is one of the cheapest ones I have personally found recently.
I will certainly be investigating an Aloe spray to soothe my summer skin.
Herbalife Herbal Aloe Everyday Soothing Gel retails at £7.80 for 200ml
Please see or phone 0845 056 0606 for stockists.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try.  This review is my thoughts based on my own use of the product.  You may have different results.  Please be careful if using on broken skin, and always patch test a product first.  For more serious skin conditions, please seek medical advice.

What do you think of Aloe?  What do you use to soothe your skin and prepare for summer?

Friday, 26 March 2010

Hmmm Barry M...polish renamed?

I stress that I have not seen this in real life yet, but I have just seen the promo shots of Barry M's new collection 'Ice cream nail polishes'.

Hello Strawbery Ice Cream (left).......But wait, you look really familiar..... could it be that you are the 'Mulberry Pink' they discontinued a few months back...? Could you fill the gap for the much sort after colour?

 Left Barry M Strawberry Ice-Cream (New), Middle Barry M Mulberry Pink (Discontinued), Right Barry M Baby Pink (Current).

I havent yet seen this collection in the shops, but I would be very interested to see how close the two are.  These are computer pictures from the Barry M site.  It looks like it could be a near match (but not quite) but the bottles are different so it is hard to tell.  I really liked Mulberry pink, but I finished mine and can't get hold of it anymore.  Can't wait to see this in person in the shops!

What do you think?  Can this be a close Mulberry shade?

Review: Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Gloss Spray

If your hair is anything like mine then you might identify with this tale!

I go the the hairdressers, they wash my hair, cut it, dry it and I walk out feeling like a million dollars.  It behaves for the rest of the day/night and then needs a wash becuase my hands are constantly adjusting, stroking, playing.etc.  It sort of behaves for the next wash, and then... well then it seems to be sucked of any magic the hairdresser sprinkled while I was sat in the salon.

Sound familiar?

I am always trying to recreate that magic at home, and I think I may have found a bit of a helping hand :)

Schwarzkopf is a brand that some of my hair salons (past and present) use and I have been persuaded to buy a few things in the past.  I have never used a product quite like this before.

 Sorry the picture is a bit wonky, the flash kept hiding it when it was straight on.

Silhouette Ultimate Gloss Spray says "..for an extraordinary pure shine.  Gives hair a facinating, radiant crystal-like shine.  The Shine-Boost formula achieves and maintains extra luminosity and pure intense shine on the hair surface.  Fast drying."

How to use: Spray in short bursts to dry hair, with can about 30 cm away.

Computergirl says:  Apart from using a Boots lemon shine pump spray at one point, I had given up on using hair gloss sprays.  I have mostly just used heat protector on my hair, before styling.  This seems to add a natural shine, but what about those days when I don't reach for my GHDs?  I find some styling hair sprays really dry my hair out and make it dull.  However I have used this spray a few times, and found that  it seems to be holding up ok.

The can I have is quite large and easy to hold and, more importantly, easy to hold AND spray!  As an aside, I like the simple design of the packaging.

The first thing I noted is that it really sprays as a mist!  Why does this excite me?  I have tried so many products that spray as a jet, rather than a mist.  By the time it hits your hair, it just leaves a big gloopy mess.  The average home user does not have the arm lngth to position a product like that!!  However Silhouette *is* a proper mist spray. Hurrah!  This means that your hair gets a light dusting, which can be carefully build up to your personal optimum coverage, rather than pressing a can and then being faced with a) rewashing your hair or b) reaching for dry shampoo and a hat!

This product has a slight fragrance.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it smells like a light floral and fruity perfume- possibly a bit like sweets or ice-cream.  It isn't over-powering, and certainly no-one else noticed unless they were really really close.  Makes a change to some of the nasty stinky hair sprays I have tried!

I have used this product as a 'finishing' spray on a number of occassions- especially over the top of a strong hold hair spray.  Verdict? It does add gloss, and without making my hair look greasy.  It has lasted quite well and I havent noticed any strange effects after washing.  No extra hair dryness or breakage but I have not been using it every day so I can't coment on the effects of heavy use.  I have also found it has helped to keep some of my fly away strands of hair in place.  Not quite enough to make me throw out my cans of hairspray as I have long unruly hair as you have probably seen from my FOTD/Dita inspired look!  Still a nice addition to my products basket.

I would like to see what happens if I spray it in concentrated form one day.  I think this would help to see how much I can add before it creates a greasy shine or an odd feel to my hair.  I won't do that until I know no-one is going to see me though as that is too gross to think about!!

Conclusion: A great mist spray to add a subtle extra ping (I wanted to say 'shuzz' here but I don't know how to spell it correctly.  If you know, please leave a comment!!).  Great to use with styling or to add extra sparkle to your natural style!  It has helped me to bring a bit of the salon magic home!

Available from hair salons, salon stockists for £3.75 for 300ml See for more information!

Disclaimer: As with everything I write, this is just how I personally have found it.  I have combination hair (dry ends, not roots).  If you are not sure if this will be suitable then ask your salon, or Schwarzkopf directly.  I was sent this product to trial, however I decided to share my thoughts here too.

Have you used a gloss spray?  How do you keep your hair looking shiny and healthy?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Aussie Photoshoot Part 1

The long awaited write up!

I was invited to be a model for the day for Aussie hair care, along with a handful of other beauty and fashion bloggers!  So off I trotted to the big city.  Thank goodness for the person who invented suitcases with wheels!

If you haven't seen my preview post click here

Our brief was spring- spring colours and fresh fashion.  I took a few outfits and accessories for the stylist to play around with.  Yes, between us we had the use of two make-up artists, two hair stylists and a fashion stylist!  Heaven!

The shoot was at a lovely big studio in Islington.  The team there were so friendly and professional.  They even had a little team dog called Crash- you can see him in the picture below!  He was very professional!

So, I arrived and was greeted by Lisa and Emma.  Very quickly I had a glass of champagne in my hand and was having my hair done.  It was styled into a 'messy bun' which was essentially a high ponytail with sections wound round.  Some of the sections were platted to give a 'boho' style.  Of course, lots of Aussie products were used- only this time it was hair sprays and heat protectors.  I didn't know Aussie made these products too, but I can assure you they smelt great and felt good.

Out of the hair chair, and into the makeup chair!  I tried to ask questions and note everything down, but it was quite hard with my eyes closed and hands full of food and drink!
The MUA used;
Makeup wipes
A primer
Mac Face and Body in a skin colour mixed with Mac face and Body white to suit my skin perfectly
Concealer from an unmarked palette
Mac spiritualize pigment on the lids (over the Mac face and body as a base)
Mac face and body as a lip primer
Mac Peachykeen blush

Now the lips- all down the Eliza!!  She asked me to ask if there was a universal bright red that suited any skin tone?  I asked the MUA about skin tones and blue reds/ orange reds. I asked which one would suit me as I shy away from bright lips... When she said an orange red would suit me, I must have looked terrified, because she said 'We're going to go an orange red bright lip on you'!!!

Virgin Vie's Tigerlily

I was quite surprised by the outcome, it is not something I would have bought in a million years (but it is discontinued now I think).  What do you think?!  Obviously photographic makeup has to be more dramatic than normal wear.

L-R Me, Catherine (Perfectly Polished), Sinead (DitzyMakeup)
Having seen these I have been searching for this lipstick but I cant find it anywhere :( Can you suggest one for me?

The stylist quickly picked out a few pieces from my collection and instantly made them look much cooler!  My denim blazer had the sleeves rolled up, and a hipster belt was added to my dress, and the skirt underneath was removed (gulp).  I did add a few touches, like the socks over tights, rings and bracelets.  I also picked the tulips as my prop.

I think the photos speak for them selves.  Pete (photographer) was really easy to work with and put me at ease straight away.  He was open to suggestion, and had a good eye for a shot!

The Result!

When I wasnt beeing pampered or photographed I sat muching on some great food, or chatting to the other bloggers.  I had my hair slightly let down for a small group shot. 

We also had a completegroup shoot!
I am sure you recognise a few people in there!!

AnI couldn't not put George in! Who is George? Our deer mascott for the day... deer.. dear.. get it?!

All to soon some of the blogger had to go.   The rest of us went to a restaurant, I think it was called Fredericks.  My feet hurt so much as I am not used to being in heels all day!!  The funniest moment was en route when a couple of young boys came round a street corner to be confronted with the group of us all dolled up and pulling cases.  They started singing "Here come the girls", it was like we were starring in the Boot's advert!

Fredericks restaurant had really good food, though there was one really grumpy waiter!  I think we kept getting in his way.  He just kept shouting 'Ladies' to get us to move!!  Perhaps he had woman trouble!!

This was the point at which more bloggers had to go to catch trains.  Catherine, Sinead and I were all in the same hotel so we caught a taxi together.  No joke, they talked to the taxi driver all the way back.  How much to drive round London all night? How much is that house? How much to rent that one? Is this a nice area? Have you been to Birmingham? How long have you lived here?- I couldn't stop laughing!  However we all shut up when he pointed to some flats and said "You couldn't pay me to live there"..... they were right next to our hotel!!!!  He also pointed out where to buy the best fake handbags in the area!!

So out we ran from the taxi and took refuge in the hotel.  The receptionist looked very confused by the three of us turning up all glammed up!  We all checked in and tried to meet up, but I think I fell asleep before I could find the other two!  I was so tired!

So that was the adventure!

If you want to check out more and read other people's posts then check out  There were some lovely other bloggers there, and they are well worth checking out!  I will be posting some links in a few day :)

Thank you to Aussie and all at 1000heads for a fantastic day.  I had a wonderful time and love the pictures!

Stay tuned for a few hints and tips from the day, plus some blog links :)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

And the winners are......

.... I have been running two competitions on my blog, and now is the time to announce the winners!!

Thank you to everyone!

Firstly let me say that I have my 250 giveaway good to go, so if you fancy winning a bit of Jelly pong pong, possibly a bit of Gucci and Mac then say tuned!  I was so close to 250 but I lost a few along the way, which I can't complain about as I have been pretty lame the last few months!  (See here for an explaination!)

So firstly my follower thank you!!

I had nearly 200 entries, this took a lot of time to count up, check and double check.  I underestimated this as I didnt think I would get to many.  I then gave everyone a number and use number generator.

I am giving away;

  • A PHILOSOPHY LIPGLOSS (Not pictured)
  • A Mac Eyeshadow in Bamboo
  • A natural lip liner
  • A pair of Dorothy Perkins Teal earrings
  • A Elf Eyeshadow quad

And the Winner is.....

Shifa at Get Gawjus!

Well Done!!!!! 
Please send me your address and I'll send it out as soon as possible!

My Skin MD Natural giveaway!

I had 21 valid entries so I used again to find a winner.  I should have been more creative but I am lacking in time.....

Anyway, the number came up as 20 which means the winner 

 is KAT at!!! Congratulations, if you can send me your address then I'll forward it to the company so they can send your prize direct!

THANK YOU to all the paricipants, and I hope to bring you 250 giveaway shortly!!!! 


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Recent Hauls etc

Here is a picture of some of the things I have bought or been sent recently.  I plan to post on all of it, but if there is something you would like me to bump up the queue then shout below!

Some of the things above;
Anti -aging skincare
Jelly Pong Pong cream blushes and lip base duos
Superdrug clarity skin papers
Lush...just 'Lush' (nearly a whole shop of it!)
Aloe skin gel
Schwarzkopf hair spray
Dior lip glow (Cross something off my wish list!!)
BeneFit Creaseless eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans
Barry M Toffee Lipgloss.

Just some of the things I have selected to show you- although some might be prizes for a giveaway ;)

FOTD Dita/Hollywood inspired / No.7 lippie

I thought I would be brave a post a FOTD!  I don't normally do them because my skin is horrible, or my eyebrows need doing, or the light is off or.. well you get the picture.  Be nice pleeeeease!!

My inspiration was Dita and hollywood glamour.  Light mauve neutral eyeshadow, black liner, natual blush and a coloured lip.  Hair with a natural wave.

Products include Uran Decay Primer poition, Elf complexion Perfection, Bodyshop foundation, elf cover stick, GOSH black eyeliner, Benefit and No. 7 shadows, blush Mac Peachykeen. Sleek setting powder in 01.  Sorry I cant remember what mascara or eyebrow kit I used,

The lipstick is No. 7 Moisture Drench in 75 Sugar Plum.  The colour isnt quite right in the pictures, but it's quite a daring colour for me!  It's lasted really well today, and my lips are not as dry as with some other products- I have put one application of lip gloss over it at about 10am! And reapplied once after lunch.

I think I have a £5 No. 7 voucher so I might go and get a back up!

What do you think of the colour? Do you have one from this range?  Any suggestions?

This range is available from Boots stores, or on their website priced £9.50 for 3g or £4.50 with a voucher!


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

M.I.A /giveaway winners/new giveaway

Just a quick post to say that my posting this year has been awful.
Illness/bereavement/exams/assignments and work.. phew.  Blogging fits in somewhere...or not as the case may be :(  Thanks for sticking with me.  I have a 250 follower giveaway to do!! YAY!

I have TWO giveaway winners to annouce, just waiting for camera batteries to charge so I can add pictures.

I also can then picture a whole heap of things to go with some haircare, skincare, nail polish reviews, hauls- (I GOT DIOR!!!! CAN YOU TELL I'M HAPPY??!!).

I also have my run down of the Aussie photo shoot, which has taken me a while to write up.  FANTASTIC DAY and cant wait to share it with you.

Sorry, a bit of a nothing post, but I just wanted to say I am still here and just about keeping my head above water!!


Friday, 5 March 2010

Aussie Event: Preview Shot!

Well last Saturday I headed off to to be styled and photogaphed on behalf of Aussie haircare.  The team at fotojenik were great to work with, very professional and friendly.

I am still constructing my post, and waiting for the final shots.  However here are a few shots to fill in a gap.

I had an amazing day and can't wait to fully share it with you!  Keep your eyes peeled as I am sure you will recognise some of the other bloggers in the pictures!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm I ate too many of these and had a sugar rush during my shoot!!

Lisa doing my make-up!

A few girls chilling while others are shot!
Stay tuned for all the gory details!!!!

Thank you to all at Aussie for a lovely day :)

*P.s. Winner of my giveaway annouced later tonight. And yes I did ask lots of make-up questions!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ins and Outs

I have 5 minutes so I thought I do one of these after seeing a few others crop up on my feed.

  • SUNSHINE! The UK has had a couple of sunny (but cold) spring days recently.  A much needed boost to many people!
  • Spring scarves instead of wooly scarves! Hurrah!
  • Lighter spring colours!
  • The Aussie photoshoot event.  Post in construction :)
  • Hives. Boo.  I have been suffering really badly and I don't know why. Started Friday and has got worse since. Face, neck, chest, stomach, back... itch, itch, scratch, scratch. Any help appreciated!
  • Desperate Housewives and Glee.  Ive missed the last 2 episodes of both and havent had time to catch up online yet.
  • Glee Soundtrack:  The songs are fun, however they have processed and mixed it to the max.  I assure you real live performance does not sound like that.  What is even more flustrating is that several of the cast are Broadway veterans, meaning they are very good live performers who are used to delivering high class performances time after time.  It is a shame the producers felt the need to 'fake it up'.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Event/blog update!

Hi everyone!

Just a little update to say that I'm back from the Aussie event.  I have taken a few photos and will upload them when I have a bit more time.  I also want to construct a good post.

I met some lovely people, drank some champagne, ate cake, wore makeup I have never worn before, ate too much, laughed quite a lot and had a VERY funny taxi ride home with two lovely bloggers.

If you want to hear more then stay tuned.  To everyone I met there, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Hope the pictures turn out ok! :)

P.s. Giveaway winner is picked so stay tuned for the announcement! :)

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