Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Aussie Photoshoot Part 1

The long awaited write up!

I was invited to be a model for the day for Aussie hair care, along with a handful of other beauty and fashion bloggers!  So off I trotted to the big city.  Thank goodness for the person who invented suitcases with wheels!

If you haven't seen my preview post click here

Our brief was spring- spring colours and fresh fashion.  I took a few outfits and accessories for the stylist to play around with.  Yes, between us we had the use of two make-up artists, two hair stylists and a fashion stylist!  Heaven!

The shoot was at a lovely big studio in Islington.  The team there were so friendly and professional.  They even had a little team dog called Crash- you can see him in the picture below!  He was very professional!

So, I arrived and was greeted by Lisa and Emma.  Very quickly I had a glass of champagne in my hand and was having my hair done.  It was styled into a 'messy bun' which was essentially a high ponytail with sections wound round.  Some of the sections were platted to give a 'boho' style.  Of course, lots of Aussie products were used- only this time it was hair sprays and heat protectors.  I didn't know Aussie made these products too, but I can assure you they smelt great and felt good.

Out of the hair chair, and into the makeup chair!  I tried to ask questions and note everything down, but it was quite hard with my eyes closed and hands full of food and drink!
The MUA used;
Makeup wipes
A primer
Mac Face and Body in a skin colour mixed with Mac face and Body white to suit my skin perfectly
Concealer from an unmarked palette
Mac spiritualize pigment on the lids (over the Mac face and body as a base)
Mac face and body as a lip primer
Mac Peachykeen blush

Now the lips- all down the Eliza!!  She asked me to ask if there was a universal bright red that suited any skin tone?  I asked the MUA about skin tones and blue reds/ orange reds. I asked which one would suit me as I shy away from bright lips... When she said an orange red would suit me, I must have looked terrified, because she said 'We're going to go an orange red bright lip on you'!!!

Virgin Vie's Tigerlily

I was quite surprised by the outcome, it is not something I would have bought in a million years (but it is discontinued now I think).  What do you think?!  Obviously photographic makeup has to be more dramatic than normal wear.

L-R Me, Catherine (Perfectly Polished), Sinead (DitzyMakeup)
Having seen these I have been searching for this lipstick but I cant find it anywhere :( Can you suggest one for me?

The stylist quickly picked out a few pieces from my collection and instantly made them look much cooler!  My denim blazer had the sleeves rolled up, and a hipster belt was added to my dress, and the skirt underneath was removed (gulp).  I did add a few touches, like the socks over tights, rings and bracelets.  I also picked the tulips as my prop.

I think the photos speak for them selves.  Pete (photographer) was really easy to work with and put me at ease straight away.  He was open to suggestion, and had a good eye for a shot!

The Result!

When I wasnt beeing pampered or photographed I sat muching on some great food, or chatting to the other bloggers.  I had my hair slightly let down for a small group shot. 

We also had a completegroup shoot!
I am sure you recognise a few people in there!!

AnI couldn't not put George in! Who is George? Our deer mascott for the day... deer.. dear.. get it?!

All to soon some of the blogger had to go.   The rest of us went to a restaurant, I think it was called Fredericks.  My feet hurt so much as I am not used to being in heels all day!!  The funniest moment was en route when a couple of young boys came round a street corner to be confronted with the group of us all dolled up and pulling cases.  They started singing "Here come the girls", it was like we were starring in the Boot's advert!

Fredericks restaurant had really good food, though there was one really grumpy waiter!  I think we kept getting in his way.  He just kept shouting 'Ladies' to get us to move!!  Perhaps he had woman trouble!!

This was the point at which more bloggers had to go to catch trains.  Catherine, Sinead and I were all in the same hotel so we caught a taxi together.  No joke, they talked to the taxi driver all the way back.  How much to drive round London all night? How much is that house? How much to rent that one? Is this a nice area? Have you been to Birmingham? How long have you lived here?- I couldn't stop laughing!  However we all shut up when he pointed to some flats and said "You couldn't pay me to live there"..... they were right next to our hotel!!!!  He also pointed out where to buy the best fake handbags in the area!!

So out we ran from the taxi and took refuge in the hotel.  The receptionist looked very confused by the three of us turning up all glammed up!  We all checked in and tried to meet up, but I think I fell asleep before I could find the other two!  I was so tired!

So that was the adventure!

If you want to check out more and read other people's posts then check out  There were some lovely other bloggers there, and they are well worth checking out!  I will be posting some links in a few day :)

Thank you to Aussie and all at 1000heads for a fantastic day.  I had a wonderful time and love the pictures!

Stay tuned for a few hints and tips from the day, plus some blog links :)


  1. awww!!! how fun!!! you're really tall!!! gorgeous pictures! how come nobody really smiled in the group picture? you girls should be all smiles!! hehehe ^_^ so glad you got pampered and had fun!

  2. Awwww you look gorgeous! What a fun experience, thank you for sharing!


  3. This is awesome sweeetie! The photos are amazing. You folks looked like you had a brilliant time.

    Thanks for asking the question especially since you had little time to do so!

    I think Rimmel's Red Affair is supposed to be quite orangey. The orangey one I have is a Kat Von D so not easy to get a hold off so a lot of hassle for something you may not use or like. How about trying an orange at first. I love the spanking orange I got from GOSH. I think the colour of lippy she gave you looks great on you. Go on try it, you can so pull it off.

  4. @Calia! Ha thanks! I think we were all doing the 'artistic pout'! I do have some with smiles, I might upload some more lateron! x

    @Dreams that Glitter Thank you! It was a lot of (much needed) fun! Glad you enjoyed the post! x

    @Eliza Thanks:) I'll be posting the answers in another post I think! I wrote some stuff down, but Its lost in my bag somewhere!

    Thanks for the lip recommendations! You have managed to directly change my make-up outlook fro the other side of the UK!! xxx

  5. Looking forward to seeing your future posts and future lippie colours! ;) xxx


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