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Glissandra Anti-aging Skincare Review.

Last year I was contacted by a company called Glissandra, asking if I wanted to know some more about their products.  Glissandra are an american company, who specialise in anti-aging products.  I am at an age where I am noticing the first signs of aging, so I am looking for the best ways to protect my skin for the future.

When Glissandra said they would send me a few samples, I thought a few satchets and a leaflet would arrive.  Instead I was presented with this......

3 full sized products, wrapped really nicely in a Glissandra bag!

What Glissandra say:

The Glissandra 3-Step Skincare System is the first skincare regimen to safely and effectively target the major causes of skin aging by harrnessing the healing powers of the Schisandra berry.

Glissandra's instructions for the Skincare System For optimal results, use the complete system twice daily, in the morning and evening. Apply to clean, dry skin.
  • Step 1 – Apply a thin layer of restorative Glissandra™ Serum over problematic areas on the face and neck. These may include visible expression lines, droopy eyelids, wrinkles, enlarged pores, age spots, puffiness under the eyes and dark circles.
  • Step 2 – Gently massage a dime-size amount of age-renewal Glissandra™ Face Cream over the face and neck, including areas where the serum has already been applied.
  • Step 3 – Apply a pea-size amount of rejuvenating Glissandra™ Eye Cream gently around the eye area, including areas where the serum has already been applied.
 Ok, sounds simple...

What Computergirl says:

I am a big fan of natural products.  I am also impressed that Glissandra do not test on animals.

I find the system quite straight forward to use.  I like that I can target certain areas more, but still help all protect all of my face and neck.  All to often there seems to be a 'one product' fits all approach, which just doesn't work on all skin types- especially with anti-aging products.  I have combination skin, and more fine lines/wrinkles around my mouth, eyes and forehead.  These areas need a bit of extra help.

The packaging for these products is robust and solid.  It feels like it would withstand travel without emptying the liquids inside your bag!  It also looks luxurious, and not obvious to anyone that it is an anti-aging product.  Perfect for any dressing table.

I have found that these products do not smell odd, they sink in well and don't leave a residue on my skin.  Further to this I have noticed an improvement in my skin while using this range.  Normally I wake up with puffy eyelids in the morning- this has been noticably less since using Glissandra.  I have also noticed my skin seems to have a bit more of a healthy glow about it.  This is much better than some of the eye creams I have tried- namely the ones which clogged up my pores and bought me out in spots round my eyes. Obviously cheap ingredients which sunk into the skin and were too heavy to be moved.

Here is a sample of the eye cream, face cream and serum.  All smooth and creamy.

Sound good?  I think I will be using this for quite a while as I am especially interested in it's claims to help skin elasticity and age spots in the long run.

Where can I find out more?
Glissandra's website is a good place to start 
Each product can be bought seperately, or as part of the three step skin care system.

The website states the current prices as;

Rejuvenating ye Cream $48 for 14ml

Age-Renewal Face Cream $99 for 50ml

Restorative Face Serum $149 for 30ml

Or the full three step system for $296

Yes these prices may not suit every pocket, but I see face cream as an investment.  You can normally keep it for two years before it goes off and, with this brand, a little goes a long way!  You can paint the canvas, but if the canvas is wrinkled then it will always show through!

Still umming and ahhing?  Glissandra offer a 30day money-back trial guarentee (Click the link on their website for full details).

So, this is my current anti-aging treatment.  As with all things, this is just how I have found it.  You may have different results.  If you have any queries then just send them a message using the contact information on their web page.

Thanks to Glissandra for the chance to try this system!

Do you use anti-aging products?  If so which ones?  What do you find important when choosing an anti-aging product?  Are you likely to try this system?

If you have any questions or want futher information, just say below! Thank you!


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