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Herbalife Herbal Aloe Gel : Summer preparation!

I love natural products.  My skin always seems to respond in a healthy way to items with plant extracts, oils, fruits, minerals...  I suffer from bad skin, and I'm always looking for the right balance of tratments for my skin.

One of natures best 'first aid kits' is the simple Aloe plant.  It has all sort of healing and soothing properties- burn your finger out in the wilds somewhere with no water?  Simply break off a bit of the leaf and rub the cool flesh on the burn*.  I have a botanist friend who keeps one by her kitchen sink for emergency use!  I have seen it crop up in all sorts of forms including fabric conditioner, washing up liquid and even drinks!
(*Make sure you can identify which is the right sort of Aloe to use!!)

Picture Google images.

It seems only natural that people harvest the natural power of this amazing little plant, and put it into transport friendly packaging.  Carrying round a potted Aloe plant is just not practical!

   Herbalife Herbal Aloe Gel   

Herbalife Aloe range is designed to nourish and hydrate skin.  The extensive range includes solid soap, body wash, spray, gel, shampoo and hand wash.  I like Herbalife because they don't test on animals.  They are also aware of their duty to the environment and try to recycle and reuse.

Herbalife say 
"Herbalife Aloe Everyday Soothing Gel contains Whole Leaf Aloe, Chamomille and Calendula Extracts as well as other beneficial ingredients to help provide soothing relief from minor skin irritations.  Apply generously wherever needed."

The gel comes in a lightweight flexible tube which is designed for squeezing (unlike some companies who make it impossible to actually get a product out of the packaging)!  Each one has a small plastic tab that hygenically seals the product.

The gel is clear and fairly light.  It is not sticky and only has a light natural smell- certainly not offensive!

   Computergirl's thoughts   

I have used this gel a number of times and have found that it sinks in really well.  There is no residue, and it doesn't smell!  I really like the packaging and it can be stored easily.  I have seen benefits in my skin from use.  It hydrates my skin and soothes it, keeping it nicely refreshed and cool.  So, what do I use it for?


I have been using Aloe gels or products for many years for;
  • Dry summer skin after the beach and sun has dehydrated it.
  • Chapped winter hands.
  • Sunburn- as an aftersun soother.
  • Razor burn- yes that nice red pimply rash post-shaving.  I always get it :(
  • a final waxing/sugaring treatment- it soothes the skin after hair has been ripped out. Ouch!
I have also used it on other skin problems, like rashes and hives although that is through personal choice and not through any recommendation.  If you use it on minor skin skin problems as directed then you will probably get some soothing comfort out of this product.
Happy post Aloe Gel skin!

It's a great product and get the thumbs up from me- that is why Aloe gels have been a key part of my cabinet for years.  This is one of the cheapest ones I have personally found recently.
I will certainly be investigating an Aloe spray to soothe my summer skin.
Herbalife Herbal Aloe Everyday Soothing Gel retails at £7.80 for 200ml
Please see or phone 0845 056 0606 for stockists.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try.  This review is my thoughts based on my own use of the product.  You may have different results.  Please be careful if using on broken skin, and always patch test a product first.  For more serious skin conditions, please seek medical advice.

What do you think of Aloe?  What do you use to soothe your skin and prepare for summer?


  1. Hi Emma, and thank you for your fast comment!
    I am afraid they are not available outside Italy and some parts of Spain for the moment. This is why I offered to take that poll on my blog - please, vote! - I realize it is not fair for UK people not to be able to grab their products. They're pretty cheap, and amazing quality for the money! I've been sent tonnes of their products and none has failed to impress me so far!

    Their management director told me the company is considering expanding their online store to other countries, so with the poll, I intend to speed up the process ;)

    It's 1.64 grams in one stick, whereas it's 1.5 for shadesticks. Not bad for being half the price huh? The packaging is very very similar too!

  2. wow sounds great! I have always wanted to try pure Aloe Vera gel on the skin as I've heard its good at moisturizing and toning! I will defo give this a go :)

  3. I love aloe vera gel, I always use it as aftersun, on sunburn and when my skin has got really dry! You've just reminded me to use it after hair removal!

  4. I use Aloe Vera Gel too. Great stuff. I love that it sinks in straight away. Perfect for the mornings before putting make up on.
    E x

  5. @Lydia Thanks for the info! :) Sounds good x

    @Get Gawjus It feels wonderful, very soothing and moisturising! x

    @Rebecca It's the first thing I reach for if I have had a suncream mishap x

    @Eliza I haven't tried it before makeup, but I'll have to give that a whirl! x

  6. I love Aloe Vera! The gel's my favourite and i have an aloe plant on the kitchen wondow sill, perfect for snapping off a leaf and applying the juice when I burn my hand when cooking!

  7. @Vintage Vixen I need to get one of these for the kitchen!! It would be used up very quickly! xx

  8. My mother used to buy the aloe plant herself and eat it, haha. She put it all over her face, her skin. She swears by it! I need to remind her to start using it again. Great post!

  9. @J-Ezzy Ooo Ive never eaten one, but never say never! Thanks x

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