Friday, 26 March 2010

Review: Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Gloss Spray

If your hair is anything like mine then you might identify with this tale!

I go the the hairdressers, they wash my hair, cut it, dry it and I walk out feeling like a million dollars.  It behaves for the rest of the day/night and then needs a wash becuase my hands are constantly adjusting, stroking, playing.etc.  It sort of behaves for the next wash, and then... well then it seems to be sucked of any magic the hairdresser sprinkled while I was sat in the salon.

Sound familiar?

I am always trying to recreate that magic at home, and I think I may have found a bit of a helping hand :)

Schwarzkopf is a brand that some of my hair salons (past and present) use and I have been persuaded to buy a few things in the past.  I have never used a product quite like this before.

 Sorry the picture is a bit wonky, the flash kept hiding it when it was straight on.

Silhouette Ultimate Gloss Spray says "..for an extraordinary pure shine.  Gives hair a facinating, radiant crystal-like shine.  The Shine-Boost formula achieves and maintains extra luminosity and pure intense shine on the hair surface.  Fast drying."

How to use: Spray in short bursts to dry hair, with can about 30 cm away.

Computergirl says:  Apart from using a Boots lemon shine pump spray at one point, I had given up on using hair gloss sprays.  I have mostly just used heat protector on my hair, before styling.  This seems to add a natural shine, but what about those days when I don't reach for my GHDs?  I find some styling hair sprays really dry my hair out and make it dull.  However I have used this spray a few times, and found that  it seems to be holding up ok.

The can I have is quite large and easy to hold and, more importantly, easy to hold AND spray!  As an aside, I like the simple design of the packaging.

The first thing I noted is that it really sprays as a mist!  Why does this excite me?  I have tried so many products that spray as a jet, rather than a mist.  By the time it hits your hair, it just leaves a big gloopy mess.  The average home user does not have the arm lngth to position a product like that!!  However Silhouette *is* a proper mist spray. Hurrah!  This means that your hair gets a light dusting, which can be carefully build up to your personal optimum coverage, rather than pressing a can and then being faced with a) rewashing your hair or b) reaching for dry shampoo and a hat!

This product has a slight fragrance.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it smells like a light floral and fruity perfume- possibly a bit like sweets or ice-cream.  It isn't over-powering, and certainly no-one else noticed unless they were really really close.  Makes a change to some of the nasty stinky hair sprays I have tried!

I have used this product as a 'finishing' spray on a number of occassions- especially over the top of a strong hold hair spray.  Verdict? It does add gloss, and without making my hair look greasy.  It has lasted quite well and I havent noticed any strange effects after washing.  No extra hair dryness or breakage but I have not been using it every day so I can't coment on the effects of heavy use.  I have also found it has helped to keep some of my fly away strands of hair in place.  Not quite enough to make me throw out my cans of hairspray as I have long unruly hair as you have probably seen from my FOTD/Dita inspired look!  Still a nice addition to my products basket.

I would like to see what happens if I spray it in concentrated form one day.  I think this would help to see how much I can add before it creates a greasy shine or an odd feel to my hair.  I won't do that until I know no-one is going to see me though as that is too gross to think about!!

Conclusion: A great mist spray to add a subtle extra ping (I wanted to say 'shuzz' here but I don't know how to spell it correctly.  If you know, please leave a comment!!).  Great to use with styling or to add extra sparkle to your natural style!  It has helped me to bring a bit of the salon magic home!

Available from hair salons, salon stockists for £3.75 for 300ml See for more information!

Disclaimer: As with everything I write, this is just how I personally have found it.  I have combination hair (dry ends, not roots).  If you are not sure if this will be suitable then ask your salon, or Schwarzkopf directly.  I was sent this product to trial, however I decided to share my thoughts here too.

Have you used a gloss spray?  How do you keep your hair looking shiny and healthy?


  1. great review.. :)

    i normally use Frizz ease finishing spray,It is good does leave my hair shiny..but might give this one a try x

  2. @Sarbeauty Thanks. I havent tried Frizz ease finisheing spray, but I'll have to have a look to compare to this one! x


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