Monday, 26 April 2010

Why hello Roberto Cavalli...

Say hello to my Roberto Cavalli sunglasses!  Great for all this sunshine we are having in the UK at the moment (if you are lucky enough to have some spare time to enjoy it)!  Just thought I'd share them with you!

Roberto Cavalli is famed for his 'bug eye' design of sunnies.  They don't just cover the eye, but all the delicate skin surrounding the eye too.  This is very important as it will help prevent premature age wrinkles!

I actually won this pair courtesy of Schwarzkopf!  I was gobsmacked as I don't have much luck, but obviously it was my turn!  I think his sunglasses noramlly retail for around £200-350 a pair!!!  Thank you Schwarzkopf!!

His initials are on the side in this little Swarovski crystal detail.

So, now I can wander around pretending to be Nicole Ritchie or Lauren Conrad with my oversized sunglasses!!

Bug eye glasses- a yes or a no? What type of sunglasses do you have?  Do you buy a new pair each year or have one classic pair?  How much would you spend on a pair of sunglasses?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Haul : Mac Liberty of London

Last week I picked up a few things from Mac's Liberty of London collection.  I also got some Elf Studio brushes. I havent had the time to post but here they are now!

I bought the two MAC Beauty Powders.  They are bigger than MAC blushes, and come in their own mirrored compact.

Here are the boxes.  I have a love hate relationship with the design.  There are classic liberty elements, but the plastic packaging feels a bit cheap.  Still it's what is inside that counts, right?

Summer Rose (left) and Shell Pearl.

Beauty powders can be used to set makeup and provide a nice highlight.  Both of these have a peachy gold undertone and sheen. No chunky glitter hurrah!  I have lusted over Dior's Amber Diamond, but I got shell pearl instead (and because I missed out on Ripe Peach).

Summer Rose (left) and Shell Pearl (Right)

I really like them, delicate, subtle but can be built up to creat a healthy glow.  Great for cheek and brow highlights and they last quite well.

These can be bought from MAC shops , online although you wont get much change from £20 per powder!!  Slightly too much, but I think they will last for a number of years so that makes it an investment!

Do you have anything from this or any other recent MAC collection?  What do you use to highlight?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

BLush Love 3: Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick: Shy

Not a cheap products, but I bought this after a recommendation from Kate.

For me, Clinique means skincare and the odd make-up product.  Sometimes I find their products over-priced for what they achieve, however I have been tempted by 'gifts with purchase'.

(Photo from Clinique as I forgot to take one when I swatched :( )

This blush comes in twist stick, easy to carry about and apply.  It is very smooth and creamy, and blends easily with fingertips.  I looked at a few cheaper blush sticks, but found them lacking in pigmentation- this one (Shy) is perfect for my colouring!  I also find it lasts well, and I can seal it with a blush powder or beauty powder.


They come in four colours, and can be picked at Clinique counters in places like Debenhams and Boots- be warned that they are popular and it look me 3 trips to get a counter that had stock!

£18.50 for 4.5g

Do you have any of Clinique's Blushwear range?  What cream blushes do you recommend?

Edit* Having some difficulty with blogger.  Please let me know if you can see the swatch!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

However you are celebrating, have a fantastic day.  We have a little bit of blue sky so a perfect day for doing lots of washing.  I will be seeing my family, and perhaps having a little bit of chocolate.

Here is an easter egg maze for you to do from  Have fun!

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