Wednesday, 7 April 2010

BLush Love 3: Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick: Shy

Not a cheap products, but I bought this after a recommendation from Kate.

For me, Clinique means skincare and the odd make-up product.  Sometimes I find their products over-priced for what they achieve, however I have been tempted by 'gifts with purchase'.

(Photo from Clinique as I forgot to take one when I swatched :( )

This blush comes in twist stick, easy to carry about and apply.  It is very smooth and creamy, and blends easily with fingertips.  I looked at a few cheaper blush sticks, but found them lacking in pigmentation- this one (Shy) is perfect for my colouring!  I also find it lasts well, and I can seal it with a blush powder or beauty powder.


They come in four colours, and can be picked at Clinique counters in places like Debenhams and Boots- be warned that they are popular and it look me 3 trips to get a counter that had stock!

£18.50 for 4.5g

Do you have any of Clinique's Blushwear range?  What cream blushes do you recommend?

Edit* Having some difficulty with blogger.  Please let me know if you can see the swatch!


  1. It just says swatch, instead of a picture.

    I've been loving Maybelline mousse blushers atm and really want to try some Illamasqua ones x

  2. Can't see the swatch.

    I'm not a fan of cream blush, my skin is really dry and while everyone says cream blushes are good for dry skin in practise they really aren't.

  3. I don't use cream blush, but this one looks very nice from what you say! I can't see the swatch either :/

  4. I love clinique skincare and have one sample lipgloss which is ok, but i'll stick to facewash!

    I nominated you for an award on my blog:

  5. cant see the swatch hun but it seems nice by the look of it :)

  6. Everyone, hopefully the swatch now shows. Sorry for the problem and thanks for all the comments. I havent been able to fix it for days :(


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