Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Haul : Mac Liberty of London

Last week I picked up a few things from Mac's Liberty of London collection.  I also got some Elf Studio brushes. I havent had the time to post but here they are now!

I bought the two MAC Beauty Powders.  They are bigger than MAC blushes, and come in their own mirrored compact.

Here are the boxes.  I have a love hate relationship with the design.  There are classic liberty elements, but the plastic packaging feels a bit cheap.  Still it's what is inside that counts, right?

Summer Rose (left) and Shell Pearl.

Beauty powders can be used to set makeup and provide a nice highlight.  Both of these have a peachy gold undertone and sheen. No chunky glitter hurrah!  I have lusted over Dior's Amber Diamond, but I got shell pearl instead (and because I missed out on Ripe Peach).

Summer Rose (left) and Shell Pearl (Right)

I really like them, delicate, subtle but can be built up to creat a healthy glow.  Great for cheek and brow highlights and they last quite well.

These can be bought from MAC shops , online although you wont get much change from £20 per powder!!  Slightly too much, but I think they will last for a number of years so that makes it an investment!

Do you have anything from this or any other recent MAC collection?  What do you use to highlight?


  1. I really like Shell Pearl, I won't be buying it though, I have more useful things to spend £20 on, but it is pretty!!

  2. I'll definitely be picking up Shell Pearl. I want Ever Hip l/s too, but I'll wait to see it in person!

  3. @Rosie it is very pretty, but quite a few £s :( x

    @Marce I was tempted by ever hip but these were enough for now x

  4. I find it really pricey to be honest. But really pretty shades!

    p.s. I received the prizes hun and love em! Thanks a lot :)

  5. @Get Gawjus Yeah, they were very much a treat, and somehting i didnt have already. I think they'll lst for a good few years whihc will make it the same price as something by rimmel or Sleek If I spread it out.

    And youre welcome, thanks for letting me know :) x

  6. I must say I am surprised with the swatch - I was expecting them to be chalky and heavy in color. That's why I even didn't bother to go check them out at MAC counter :O

    For highlight I use MAC Skinfinish in "Perfect Topping"... And at the rate it's disappearing, I am guessing I will not finish the box for the next 5 years xD

  7. @Shilka Thankfully not, just a light soft powder, not chalky in my opinion. I will have to look for that highlighter next time I am at a counter. :) Thanks x


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