Monday, 26 April 2010

Why hello Roberto Cavalli...

Say hello to my Roberto Cavalli sunglasses!  Great for all this sunshine we are having in the UK at the moment (if you are lucky enough to have some spare time to enjoy it)!  Just thought I'd share them with you!

Roberto Cavalli is famed for his 'bug eye' design of sunnies.  They don't just cover the eye, but all the delicate skin surrounding the eye too.  This is very important as it will help prevent premature age wrinkles!

I actually won this pair courtesy of Schwarzkopf!  I was gobsmacked as I don't have much luck, but obviously it was my turn!  I think his sunglasses noramlly retail for around £200-350 a pair!!!  Thank you Schwarzkopf!!

His initials are on the side in this little Swarovski crystal detail.

So, now I can wander around pretending to be Nicole Ritchie or Lauren Conrad with my oversized sunglasses!!

Bug eye glasses- a yes or a no? What type of sunglasses do you have?  Do you buy a new pair each year or have one classic pair?  How much would you spend on a pair of sunglasses?


  1. These are nice. I've been wanting to buy some, but they're $350. Maybe one day I'll receive them as a gift.

  2. Bug-eyes are a yes for me! Mine were £5 from ASDA though :p

  3. @Kim Your eyes are worth an investment! Hope you get some Cavalli's too one day

    @Rebecca £5 from Asda is a good find, as long as they have UV protection. I dont live near an asda :( That said, I go these for the price of a competition entry! Yay! :) You shoudl photo yours and put them up!

  4. They are lush. I love big sunglasses. However, this year I think this will be the first Summer I need prescription sunglasses as my eye sight has worsened. Normally I go cheap (as in £1 from Primark) as I break them but prescription ones cost a bomb. So in short... I don't know if I'll even have any this year!

  5. Wow, they're great. Lucky girl! You deserve them :)


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