Saturday, 19 June 2010

Blackhead strips: Review/comparison

Blackheads, we all hate them.  Why, just...why? Why do they appear? Why are they so stubborn?  Why do they fill up and then turn black so that everyone can see them? (Rant over!)

Sometimes a good scrub is enough to dislodge the dirt, sometimes we need extra help.

I have a routine, its not 100% effective, but I am seeing positive results.  As part of that routine, I sometimes reach for these nose and face strips.  They are like a piece of sellotape that sticks to the black head and pulls it out of the open pore.  That is the theory at least!

I have used the Ponds strips (a few years back), Boire ones and Superdrugs own brand 'Clarity'.

How to use: Cleanse your face, pat dry, wet the desired area with plain water, then apply the strip smooth side down, pat down, wait for 10-15 minutes (till dry) and then peel off carefully.  If this is difficult or painful, you can use a damp flannel to moisten the strip again (but not too much or it won't work!).  Do not use more than once every three days, or you will over exfoliate the top layer of skin.

Tip: If you use warm-hot water on your face before applying the strips, this will open up the pores and allow the strips to grab/loosen more of the dirt!

Tip 2: Cut them in half to target areas.


They say: Deep cleansing, unclogs and invigorates
Value for money? 6 strips in a box. Costs around £7 from a highstreet chemist in the UK 
Extras: Contains tea tree, menthol, witch hazel.
VERDICT: Smooth, easy to use, dries hard and really sticks if left on for 20-30 minutes in my case.  I can see the blackheads on the strip when peeled off- even the little ones.  Great but yuck!  They don't get all of them out, but some blackheas are subborn and require more treatment.   They come in different sizes for face and nose, but sadly not in the same box :( Bad point, the price.  At over £1 per strip, I am not in a hurry to use every three days.

Superdrug Clarity Strips

They say: Rremoves Blackheads, unclogs pores
Value for money: 5 strips in a box. Costs around £3 I think (but I cant find them online to check).
Extras: Peppermint oil
VERDICT: You may have found these different, however I found these USELESS!!  They took ages to dry, didnt really tick to the skin, never showed any blackheads.... Yes I know that they might just 'loosen' them, but you would think after 5 uses (every 3 days) that they would show something?!  Yes the price is better, but if you have stubborn blackheads- or any blackheads for that matter, then I would invest in a more robust product.  This is just my opinion and you might find them different, however I will never be repurchasing this item.

And there we go.  The bonus with each product is that they are individually wrapped, so they stay dry and easy to transport.

Do you use a blackhead strip?  Which ones would you recommend (or slate!)?

Friday, 18 June 2010

Swatches: Benefit La la Land, Jemma Kidd Shell gloss

Here are a couple of swatch photos for Benefit's lipstick in La la land an the Jemma Kidd Make-up school gloss in Shell.

Left- Right, Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in La La Land
Jemma Kidd Make-up School Hi-shine Silktouch Lipgloss in 04 Shell
Mac Shell Pearl Beauty Power (Included to show you the size, and because the Shell gloss mae me wonder if it matched my beloved Shell Pearl!)

Benefit La la land, is a slightly dark neutral for me.  It is about 2-3 shaes darker than my natural lips colour.  I hav only worn it a few times so I am not ready to review yet.

Top Jemma Kid Lip gloss, in a neutral nude peach colour.  It has tiny iridescent particles in it, thankfully not giant chunks of glitter.  Pretty if used on its own, or over another lipstick.  Again not used enough to review.

Bottom Left: Benefit La La Land.  It looks brown on this creen but I asure you it is a rosey colour with a brown undertone, not a brown lipstick (Well that is how it looks to me).

Bottom Right:  My Elizabeth Arden Pinkberry lipstick (just to show you what a natural lips colour is on me so you can compare the two).

Here is a sharper shot!

Some swatches from my giant haul post yesterday!  (If you want anymore information on the products just ask!)

Do you have these proucts? What do you think of them? 

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Back to Basics! (Haul Pic heavy!)

I have been very absent from Blogger, but here is my gentle path back to Blogging!

Some recent hauls, gifts etc  If you want more info on anything, please post!
Some things might be for the competition...

In the picture, Clarins perfume (Smells gorgeous, and can be used for so many things!), Herbalife Radiant C facial spray, Benefit it stick, creaseless eye shadow in skinny jeans, Bad gal pencil, eye bight stick, lipstick in la la land, Sally hanson nail pencil, Scholl nail pencil, Jessica Phenomen oil, No 7 green face primer, Dior lip glow (yes yes!!).

Red magazine (free Jemma kid lipgloss), Marie Claire (Free Cowshed bath and shower gel)

Boire blackhead strips (face and nose, Superdrug version of the same things.....

Elf SPF15 lip balm/primer, Elf brushes (Blush, fan, foundation, complexion powder)

Bourjois smokey eye trios (x2) a second complexion perfection (I hit pan!), Elf brushes (Complexion, blush and powder brush).

Phew, and I have missed out my Aussie hair care pack, shampoo, a few styling products, a clothes haul, shoes... It's been a busy few weeks!!

I hope you are enjoying the sun/cloudy sky/rain!! Bristish summer time huh!!

Have you bought any of the above?  Anything above you want more info on/review on?

Friday, 4 June 2010

This made my day...

click here

How exciting!!! :)  Good luck Kendra!!!

In other news, my camera is charging and there will be a post before the end of the day.  Yes it has been a while, but this blog is written in my spare time, and sometimes work, exams, family stuff, working away takes over.  I'm sure you know the deal!  I have missed blogger and tried to catch up when I have had time.

First post is my overdue giveaway!

Face of the day, Botanics moisturiser with SPF15 in it, and Diors lip glow.  A brave move.  Will be wearing sunglasses and a hat too.

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