Friday, 16 July 2010

Space Saving 1: Herbalife Radiant C Face Quencher (Flights) + Flight beauty tips

This is a product that was absolutely essential this weekend as I was down in London.  It was so hot and humid.  Add that to the fact that the tubes and trains were standing room only, and the train got stuck between platforms (while rammed full...sticky!) ..AND I had to get a coach.
 (I named this 'Heaven in a bottle' this weekend!)

The Herbalife Radiant C Face Quencher is a face mist spray.  I have blogged before about my love for facial sprays (click here) and this is one that has joined the basket in the past few months.

What is it?
A pump action spray.  Radiant C Face Quencher is a rejuvenating facial spray containing vitamin C antioxidants.  Not only does it refresh you but it also penetrates your skin with vitamins AND can be used as a setting spray before or after applying makeup!

I wasn't really too bothered about setting makeup this weekend, but it did come in very handy to cool me down in a cramped train when other people were fainting!!  I also found it very useful at the hotel where the air conditioning was very drying.
(How juicy and quenching does it look? I really wanted to eat the bottle this weekend!)

This would be the perfect product for those who will be flying this summer.  It gets hot and drying (much like the trains) and this spray comes in a size that is small enough to go through hand luggage.  Also the pump action bottle means they wont confiscate it, unlike all those pressurised aerosols you see discarded in the bin at the security check!!

It smells ever so lightly of orange, but this smell is not overpowering or unwelcome.  It is not sticky or goopy, a proper mist spray.  I love using this spray to keep hydrated and cool, and it doesn't interfere with my hairstyle or makeup (water based).  I also use it as my toner when traveling, so that I don't have to carry lots of separate products.

Herbalife do not test on animals.

Retails for: £6.60 for 50ml
Where?  Available in some pharmacies.  Herbalife are a global brand. For stockists please call 0845 056 0606 or visit

Just because I am nice, here are some tips for in flight care!
  • Drink plenty of water and try to avoid caffeine and alcohol (as tempting as it might be while you are flying!)
  • Use a leave in conditioner or conditioning serum to prevent your hair from drying out or going static.
  • The air conditioning will dry out your lips quickly.  Don't lick your lips as this will dry them out quicker.  Use a good lip product to lock the moisture in.
  • If you have time to snooze on the flight, then why not use a soothing eye mask.  This will cool the eye area and help your eyes not to look so puffy at the other end.  (Especially if you have caught a red eye flight!)
  • Hand cream and sanitiser.  Enough said.
  • If in doubt, then cheat and pack an alice band and some large bug eye sunnies.  Who knows, you might get mistaken for a celeb at the arrivals desk!!


Do you use a face spray?  How do you stay cool on the train/tube/plane?  What are your flight beauty tips?  Have you tried this product?

    Thursday, 15 July 2010

    Holidays Essentials! Part 1

    Having just come back from a trip to London (for the Aussie Fairy Tale Party) I thought I would take a picture of some of the things I took with me.  Some of these are minis.  For most of them I have the full sized product and package my some in small travel bottles.  However we all love a mini sized product, let's face it!  Holidays, day out, shopping trip or sometimes we just want to try the item before shelling out for a full sized bottle!

    So here are some of my essentials.

    Jessica Phenomen Oil
    Herbablife Radiant C face quencher
    Aussie 3 minute miracle
    Batiste dry shampoo spay
    Soap leaves
    spf lip salve
    Tea tree oil
    Palmers cocoa butter
    St Ives apricot scrub
    The Sanctuary Protective 24 hours moisture lotion (SPF 15)
    Compeed blister plasters
    Gilette mini satin care shaving gel
    Carex Refreshing soft Cleansing Wipes (or Wet-ones)
    Carex Hand gel (anti-bacterial) with Aloe Vera
    Clean and Clear Oil blotting sheets (just one of many brands I own.  One for each handbag!!)
    Natural exfoliating pad
    Elf All over cover stick (smells of orange yum:)
    Jelly Pong Pong Love Rouge duo (lip and cheek tint)
    Chewing gum

    Of course I always carry lots more, but these are just some of the things I keep in my wash bag.

    I'm going to do a few posts on some of these items, but if you want information on a specific product then comment below!

    What are your mini essentials?

    Monday, 12 July 2010

    Fairy Tale Aussie Party!

    A couple of weeks ago, this popped through my door.  It was inviting me to an Aussie haircare party for 'lucious longs'!  The theme? Lots of Rapunzels with their long hair for the shining Kangaroo knight to climb up an rescue them (or their hair!).

    So off I trotted to London on Saturday to attended this party!  The journey was a nightmare!  Cancelled trains, uncancelled trains, fires on tracks.... I arrived at the hotel with 5 minutes to go!  Luckily the venue was across the road.  I went and knocked on Lauren's (Lauren loves) door a we were staying in the same hotel and knew each other through blogger anyway!  She had bought her friend Sarah, so 20 rushed minutes later we were all across at Avalon VIP room.  The perfect fairy tail setting!

    I was greeted by Emma, who looked like a Grecian goddess in a gorgeous mushroom coloured dress and Lisa, who looked very tanned in a dark polka dot dress.  I wore my fairy wings, and was very pleased to see that Lauren and Sarah had bought some too!  Fairytale princesses!  With a glass of champagne in my hand, I found myself sat next to Natalya (Filthy Gorgeous Make-up) and her friend (sorry I didn't catch your namee :( ) and we chatted about Maxie the cat.  I then found myself hit with a combination of a stressful journey (that lasted about 6 hours), tiredness, lack of food and a glass of bubbly... so I think I may have started to talk a bit too much! Sorry!!  I was also able to meet Catherine (Perfectly Polished, Zoe Corkhill, Hayles again, meet some people for the first time including Ling (moonbeamstarlight), Carla (Miss Randomnesss), Hannah (London Rose)Liloo (tsunimee) ( I know there are more people so sorry if I 've missed you out.  Please say hi and give me a poke!)
      (Catherine, Natalya, me (pre hair magic), Emma (other one), Natalya's friend (who does have a name but I didnt catch it. Sorry.  We did have a good chat though :) )

    An unexpected bonus was meeting Fei peonies and waterlilies.  We have been following each other for ages so it was really nice to meet up!

    Amber and Zara were our hairstylists for the evening.  They gave us a demonstration of a style we could use, and gave us lots of tips on how to care for out long hair.  I always used to have knotted ends after washing, but Amber has said to concentrate on washing the scalp and it will wash the ends as it runs out- no need to rub shampoo into the ends as this just knots the hair.  Great tip!  She also said that she sometimes combs a bit of the Aussie leave in conditioner or 3 minute treatment into her hair before bed and sleeps with it on for an extra pick me up.  Something I will be trying as her hair looked very healthy.

    Throughout the evening we were all invited to have our hair styled by Amber and Zara- some valuable 1 on 1 consultation time!  I took full advantage of this and fired questions at Amber!  I often get scared of putting product on my hair because there is quite a lot of it.  She told me to start 2/3rds of the way done and comb it through (apparently if you use a brush it just soaks up the product and doesn't distribute it).  I will be trying this technique.  I ended up with a largish side bun, which I will be trying to recreate as Amber talked me through it.  I loved the style, and other people liked it too.

    My finished hair from the back!

    Amber (left) and I! End result! Thank you! 

    At the same like we were able to have cocktails.  I've only had a few rubbish ones before, but I checked out what other people were drinking and opted for a cosmopolitan.  I can now say that I like cosmos!  I also wrote a few hair tips for the Aussie hairstyle bible that they have been creating.  I really hope they can read my writing as I wrote it on my knee while having my hair done!

    (Rights) Cinders and Prince C (who was apparently being very charming to everyone, inlcuding some very confused guys who wandered in by accident!!)

    No fairytale evening would be complete without a few Disney princesses turning up... In walked Cinderella... I thought that she was a very enthusiastic blogger who had gone all out on a costume!  It was only when she pointed out that fairies mad her dress and that she had lost a shoe, that I twigged she was Cinderella!  She asked me who made my skirt and I had to honestly reply "the pixies" (The Pixie shop!).  Then Snow White turned up.  The best bit was when Prince Charming turned up, shoe in hand, and got down on bended knee (to many cheers from us!) and reunited Cinderella with her other shoe!

    All too soon the clock struck 11 and we had to run off before we were turned into pumpkins!  The little mice had been very busy and we all left with bags fully of magic (Aussie long hair conditioner, chocolate, a crown, a gorgeous necklace and some gold stars).
     LAuren and I (wih magic hair)

    I helped Catherine and Liloo back at the hotel, as their room keys wouldn't work, but then the hotel said that one of them had to move it with the other.  It was a bit random.  They went off into the night, as did Lauren and Sarah, and Zoe and Hayley had left the hotel bar by then.  So I retired to my room, a victim of a very hectic work week, lots of traveling.  I had hoped to see them the next morning, I'd checked out before 9 since my body decided that I was going to be wide awake at 6:45am!!  This is the reason I turned up at Westfields 2 hours before it opened!! More on that in another post though!
     (Lucious Long range)

    Cant wait to try to recreate my hair do, and use the Lucious long conditioner.  I hav been a long time user of the normal conditioner, but this has so different ingrediens in.  I will do a post on it seperately!

    Thank you to Aussie and Emma and Lisa for a great night!  I had so much fun in fairytale land!  Thank you to all the other bloggers and friends I met too- please say hi and sorry if Ive missed you off the list!

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