Friday, 16 July 2010

Space Saving 1: Herbalife Radiant C Face Quencher (Flights) + Flight beauty tips

This is a product that was absolutely essential this weekend as I was down in London.  It was so hot and humid.  Add that to the fact that the tubes and trains were standing room only, and the train got stuck between platforms (while rammed full...sticky!) ..AND I had to get a coach.
 (I named this 'Heaven in a bottle' this weekend!)

The Herbalife Radiant C Face Quencher is a face mist spray.  I have blogged before about my love for facial sprays (click here) and this is one that has joined the basket in the past few months.

What is it?
A pump action spray.  Radiant C Face Quencher is a rejuvenating facial spray containing vitamin C antioxidants.  Not only does it refresh you but it also penetrates your skin with vitamins AND can be used as a setting spray before or after applying makeup!

I wasn't really too bothered about setting makeup this weekend, but it did come in very handy to cool me down in a cramped train when other people were fainting!!  I also found it very useful at the hotel where the air conditioning was very drying.
(How juicy and quenching does it look? I really wanted to eat the bottle this weekend!)

This would be the perfect product for those who will be flying this summer.  It gets hot and drying (much like the trains) and this spray comes in a size that is small enough to go through hand luggage.  Also the pump action bottle means they wont confiscate it, unlike all those pressurised aerosols you see discarded in the bin at the security check!!

It smells ever so lightly of orange, but this smell is not overpowering or unwelcome.  It is not sticky or goopy, a proper mist spray.  I love using this spray to keep hydrated and cool, and it doesn't interfere with my hairstyle or makeup (water based).  I also use it as my toner when traveling, so that I don't have to carry lots of separate products.

Herbalife do not test on animals.

Retails for: £6.60 for 50ml
Where?  Available in some pharmacies.  Herbalife are a global brand. For stockists please call 0845 056 0606 or visit

Just because I am nice, here are some tips for in flight care!
  • Drink plenty of water and try to avoid caffeine and alcohol (as tempting as it might be while you are flying!)
  • Use a leave in conditioner or conditioning serum to prevent your hair from drying out or going static.
  • The air conditioning will dry out your lips quickly.  Don't lick your lips as this will dry them out quicker.  Use a good lip product to lock the moisture in.
  • If you have time to snooze on the flight, then why not use a soothing eye mask.  This will cool the eye area and help your eyes not to look so puffy at the other end.  (Especially if you have caught a red eye flight!)
  • Hand cream and sanitiser.  Enough said.
  • If in doubt, then cheat and pack an alice band and some large bug eye sunnies.  Who knows, you might get mistaken for a celeb at the arrivals desk!!


Do you use a face spray?  How do you stay cool on the train/tube/plane?  What are your flight beauty tips?  Have you tried this product?


    1. Aww, I wish this product could be found in Canada.
      At the moment, I'm just using my toner in a spray bottle XD

    2. Hi Lisa, Herbalfe do stock in Canada. Herbalife are a global brand. I just looked on thir website and found|Id1_16

      for you. I hope that helps! Let me know what you think of the product! :) Emma x

    3. Oh wow! That's great! Thanks so much.

      Haha, I'll have to wait until I get a credit card to purchase this. But I'll definitely keep this site in mind. Thanks again!

    4. Hi Emma - Great blog! I completely agree with your assessment: I'm a big fan of this little beauty too. You can see my thoughts on Herbalife's face mist here: : )

    5. Hey emma!! thanks for stopin' by and for the wishes. totally miss you and my other bloggy friends! ^_^

      I've never heard of that product - then again it's not like I was searching for any products for a while now. heheheh It'd be interesting to use this one though.

      Thanks for the great post!

    6. Hi everyone.

      Ajit here from Akal Nutrition.

      Just read your review Emma!

      I just wanted to let all the people who are interested in the Herbalife Radiant C Face Quencher know that I am a Independent Herbalife Distributor, and you can get it and all other Herbalife products from me! I live in Canada and can ship the products to your home!

      For more information please stop by my website at:

      Thanks, Ajit Singh! 1800-758-9556 (my direct line)

      PS: I use Radiant C Face Quencher everyday in the morning- Emma you should use it in the morning everyday! It just wakes you up and makes you want to actually get out of bed at 7:00am in the morning (that is why it is always sitting by my bed side so I don't need to find my misty little friend just to get up to wake up- its already there beside me!! :-)


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