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Inglot: Trip and Haul

When I was in London the other weekend Fei (Click here for her blog) suggested I took a trip to Westfields.  It is a fairly large shopping centre near Shepherd's bush tube stop.  It has the normal high street brands, with a few others thrown in.  It also has 'the village' an upmarket area with Prada, De beers, Tiffany, Gucci etc.

I have to say that I was very surprised there is no obvious map to help you find the shops you want.  I had to ask at the desk and they gave me a paper map.  At the Bullring centre in Birmingham (built a few years before Westfields I think) here are obvious maps on each floor, along with interactive maps to help you find the shop you want.  Westfields has freestanding floor plans but, (unless I'm being a bit thick) there was no key to tell you what the shop actually was!! Barmy!!


Inglot only has one shop in the UK and one in Ireland.  They are a polish company with stores in places like Canada and Malta.  They have over 200 eyeshadows, 200 nail polishs and 150 lipsticks.  A few other bloggers have mentioned their products including Tali (Gloss goss).

No store picturess I'm afraid.  Security were about an I know that they don't like people taking photos of the building because they think you are going to blow it up!  How can anyone carrying fairy wings be evil?!
(Note, the security guard/receptionist at Westfields had never heard of Inglot when I asked for directions).  Also the shopping centre pumps 'feel good pop classics' into the centre in a bid to make you feel uplifted and spend more money.

The Store

It is quite sleek and mostly clean.  All the polishes, powders and creams are laid out on display.  The amount of choice immediately hits you.  The store feels a bit like MAC.  Black and white, bright lights. You pick what you want, hand it in, they exchange it for packaged ones and put the others back on display.  They also sell most of their products in pan form.  You buy a 'palette' by selecting what round or square pans you want and placing them on a magnetic tray (shopping basket).  You can mix and match eye shadows, lipsticks, bronzers and face powders all in one palette.  They also sell brushes and accessories, including palette brushes (which are apparently made of squirrel and goat fur).

MMy Experience

So I walked in, and was immediately pounced on.  I said "I'm fine thanks".  I just wanted to browse.  The assistant lingered and told me about the nail polish deal they had (buy 3 get 10% off or something.  "It makes the 3rd polish £4!")  I proceeded to wander round the store, but the assistants kept pouncing on me and asking me if I was OK? Was I sure they couldn't help me? "YES I'M FINE!!".

I came to rest by the eye shadows.  I wanted to take a picture but I had 2 assistants right by me.  The one started swatching things on my hand, showing me how pigmented the shadows are.  She also chatted me through the palette system.  Thankfully she said they had makeup remover as my hand was quite dirty by then.  Unfortunately what I ended up with was a normal tissue, wet with something from a white Inglot bottle.  If you have ever tried to remove makeup with tissues, stick your hand up now (**Tumbleweed**).

One sore and still a bit grubby hand later... I was still being watched over, but I had had a few oments to myself to swatch a few combinations.  The assistant took my tray, and the polishes I had selected.  I was only offered 'something to remove the makeup' once so I made a point of going and helping myself before going to the counter to pay.  Neither time did the assistant take the dirty tissues off me; I had put the earlier on in my pocket.  When I got the counter there was a pot.  I have no idea if it was a bin or not but I put my grubby makeup tissues in there.

At the counter I was offered a palette brush 'normally £X but with a palette £3'.  I'm glad I said no now that I know what they are made from!  At the till someone else took charge.  There were no smiles, pleases, thank yous, friendly chatter.  I left feeling that it was a case of 'we have your money, go away'.

The Haul 

I came away with a 5 pan palette and two nail polishes (not 3 so I didn't get one for £4).  I was getting a 3 pan palette, but I couldn't decide over several of the colours.  It is a bit like a sweet shop.  The 3 pan palette is £11, and the 5 is £15.  I can't remember anymore prices.  Nail polishes were around £7.

The polishes are clear with little bits in.  I tend to keep my hands low key for work, and love this sort of polish.  If you paint it over colours you can really see the flecks.

The eye shadows are fairly pigmented as the swatches show.  I have yet to work with them enough to comment on stay ability but the assistant said I wouldn't need a primer with the shadows.... I have worn them for a few hours minus my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion, and they seem to last ok, I have yet to wear them for a full day as they are a bit dark/bright and more of an evening look.

The Verdict

I would have enjoyed the experience more if I had been left alone a bit, but got a more friendly service.  Time will tell with the products are value for money, they seem to be holdingup ok so fat.  If you are planning a visit then I suggest you take your own makeup wipes.  They obviously want an upmarket feel, but just not quite there yet.  My hand was stained blue until I found a more suitable way of removing the product residue!  They do have a website but you can't buy online.  The other flaw in this business is that if someone has picked up the eye shadow you want, and placed it on their freedom tray, then you have no way of knowing what colour was there unless you stood there until the person had bought their products and the assistant has returned the shadow.

Certainly not the worst customer service I have ever had- anyone remember the Mango fiasco? or the Mac experiences?  I think I'm due another post on customer service!

Have you used any Inglot products?  What can you recommend?  If you want more details on the products then comment below.

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  1. hehe aww I feel sorry for you! I am not a fan of pestering SA's too. They should only approach customers when they actually need help isn't it? I agree, Inglot still needs to brush up on its flaws a bit more.

  2. Hi Shifa, Yeah they weren't the worst ons I have come across, but not the best by any means. Have you been to Inglot? xx

  3. It's a shame that they kept pestering you, gorgeous eyeshadow colours though x

  4. I HATE HATE HATE when people don't leave you alone and then are never there, or helpful, when you need them to be. Having worked in customer service I think I am more picky now though. The products look great though. Wish I had a shop (with better staff) near me.
    E x

  5. @Fei Yeah they are pretty colours :) x

    @Eliza It is a shame they only have one shop. The choice is great. Hopefully you wont have to wait long! x

  6. I love your palette & those nail polishes look gorgeous! I haven't really looked at much other than the Pigments, Eyeshadows & am starting to get into the lipsticks. I will have to take some time to look at their nail products.

    I hate hovery SA's & like to browse myself too. My local Inglot store has excellent SA's who know when to help & not to. That's one reason I went back.

  7. Hi KeLLsTar Glad you like the products. I use them every now and again. You obviously have a better experience than me! What colours have you got? xx


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