Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nail distaser! Can you help?

I broke a nail really badly (no pictures because it is gross! Split, cracked etc!) :( We've all been there!  So, do you know any tips to help me grow my nail back?

I have heard that Jessica Phenomen Oil or Vicks Vapour rub (?!!) can help if rubbed into the nail base/cuticle 2 times a day?

Anyone have any experience of taking tablets to help your nails grow?

It needs to grow about 1cm to get back up to where it would normally leave my skin! Ouch!!

Thanks! :)


  1. Ouch - that sounds painful! Can't give you a miracle cure, but can only sympathise with you! xx

  2. Eat a really well-balanced diet and drinks tons of water! Boring I know, but it's the bestest 'product' out there! But for something bottled, try Lush's Lemony Flutter, or soak your hands in some hot milk/olive oil a few times a week. Good luck :).


  3. @BBB Thank you. I lamenting the loss!! xx

    @Dreams that Glitter Ooo I hadnt thought of the lemony flutter- I think I have some in my lush box :) Will try that if I can find it. Thank you! xx

  4. I take vitamins designed to help your nails and skin. Main ingredient is silica (horsetail) and I recommend this to you. Just put on a rapid grow polish/treatment on them. I don't recommend a particular brand to you but I have used both Sally Hansen and OPI one - both seem to work.

    Good luck!

  5. Thanks BV I'll look thos up. I have a Sally Hansen Maximun Growth pen which I am using a lot at the moment. Hope it works! x

  6. Ouch :( I took Holland & Barratts Skin Hair & Nail tablets for my hair not long ago. My hair and nails grew really fast and stronger too. So I would recommend them :)

    Although note to not take them in conjunction with your daily vitamin and take the recommended amount on the back. Over dose of vitamins is not good ><

    Good luck. Take Care,
    KK, XOXO

  7. I don't know any tips on growing etc but I use Olive oil on my nails to keep them strong. I rude some OO on with cotton wool let it sit for 5-10 mins and wash off. Has really helped my nails.
    E x

  8. @Keikei Thanks for the tip- I'll try and pop into H&B when Im nxt in town! Thanks for that x

    @Eliza Ooo great tip- thanks. Just looked and we're out of OO!! ust buy some! x

  9. there is an amazing product call rejuvacote made by duri. it is sold at beauty supply stores. Its a top coat that you put on your nails every few is amazing. i swear by it! if you can't find it at a store look online



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