Sunday, 29 August 2010

Smashbox Artist Palette Muse: Just beauty direct

I had ummed and aghed about this since for ages, but then I picked this palette up at a bargain price from I think it was around £13.74 plus p&p!

It arrived quickly and wrapped in a beautiful organza bag with a few smashbox and pure samples!

Magnetised palette, flat and strong case.... and inside?.....

The artist brush is just like proper paint brush, with a large wooden handle.

Here are all the colours swatched.  

The pigmentation isnt bad, although some of the eyshadows are a little powdery.  They are all delicate colours with a slight shimmer- great for a soft accent on the eyes.  I have been using hem over some nude shadows.

I also like the fact that the palette has a large mirror.  Great for traveling.

All in all a thumbs up for Just beauty direct, and the palette.

Have you got this palette?  What Smashbox products do you give the thumbs up to?


  1. Looks like a great buy, especially when compared to the UD palettes. I like the fact that the brush looks like one you'd actually use and not just chuck out! x

  2. Oooooh this looks so gorgeous! And I'm LOVING the Jackson Pollock esque packaging. Seems really good value too.


  3. OMG!!! I love those colors!!! I don't own any smashbox or know too much about smashbox...

    how are you? gosh - I've been blogging MIA lately and super slow at doing my blog rounds. *bad calia bad*

    anywho's - missing you tons!

  4. @BBB Yes the brush is very useful. I hate those little applicators I just chuck out! x

    @Dreams that glitter Very good value! Reduced from £35!

    @Calia I don't know too much about SB either- we dont get lots over here. I just saw this while looking for something else! I'm good, beena way quite a lot but getting back to routine! How are you ? xx

  5. i've been wanting to buy this palette and there you are tempting me again, grr lol :)
    i want it hehe xx



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