Sunday, 5 September 2010

Depotting, repotting...

I decided to depot a few MAC eyeshadows today, to put into a MAC palette.  This will hopefully make them a bit more accessible, and save some space. Win win!

There are tonnes of tutorials on blogger and youtube. I use the heat method BUT sometimes all you need to do is wedge a blunt knife in the casing and gently twist AND THE SHADOW WILL COME OUT!  No need for heat or alcohol!!  Worth a gentle try before you fill your house with nasty fumes!!

I look a few pictures along the way. Enjoy!

Tools.  I also used wire cutters and a sharp pointed knife.

Split the clam.


 Clip the sides (yes I forgot to photograph this at the right point!)

Heat, or no heat- you decide!  (The paper protects your GHDs!! Make sure it is oven paper or you'll set fire to it!!)

Apply magnet.  At this stage I always apply a little heat to the clam shell and removed the sticker, before applying the sticker to the depot.

Send it to a good home, where it will be protected and loved!

The End

Have you any depotting/rehoming tips you wish to share?


  1. I do the same, just used an unused tweezer instead of the knife hehe :)

  2. Ooh awesome. I haven't depotted anything before and I've always been a bit nervous of destroying my eyeshadows - may have to give it a go now! Thanks for the tips :) x

  3. Great post! I've never depotted anything, but i've wanted to get a blush palette because my MAC blush collection is definitely increasing so now I know how to depot them! Thanks :D x

  4. oh nice!! i am with carly - i haven't depotted anything before either. thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies, glad you enjoyed the post- just take it very slowly, and gently and you should be fine. Let me know how you get on if you decide to depot! :) xx

  6. I spent house doing this the other day lol.. i got glue gunk everywhere!!! hahahah xx

  7. @Tali Yes, I had to use nail polish removed to gt th sticky stuff off my fingers! I have got bettr the more I do, but best to have everything to hand, and a clear work space!! xx


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