Thursday, 30 September 2010

Haul: Origins + Offer!

What's in my box????!!!

In continuation of my quest for clear healthy skin, I have invested in a bottle of Origins Checks and balances.

When you buy any Origins product from at the moment, you can choose a free 3 piece skin kit (Yes another box!!)

Checks and Balancs is designed to moisturise dry patches AND calm oily patches, while cleansing and removing dirt and makeup.

What was in my little box?

Perfect world for eyes, prfect world cleanser and Modern Friction exfoliator.

I have used some origins products before- I have a minty lip treatment for us on flights which I LOVE.  I havent tried this before so I am looking forward to giving it a go!  It doesnt contain mineral oil amongst othr things, which makes it skin friendly! Hurrah.  Origins also have a good commitment to testing on humans, being free of animal products as well as other nasties like parabens, synthtic colours and fragrances.  A good bench mark for the beauty industry!

I'm not sure how much longer this offer is on, but well worth a look!  If anyone knows if it is on in stores too then post below!

Hav you used any Origins products? What cleanser do you use?


  1. I'd be interested to see how you get on with this.
    I'm having a little break out at the moment! xx

  2. I'm a fan of their cleansing oil, I find it removes every trace of makeup and it smells divine. I'm not a huge fan of any of the other products I've tried from their line though. I found a lot of them to be very heavily scented or just so full of stabulisers and other niff naff that my sensitive skin had a major wobbly! Lol!

    Kelly x

  3. @Lauren Breakouts suck! So far it seems to b controlling my oily patches- will do a proper rview at a later date! Hope you get yours sorted xx

    @Kelly I did think about the cleansing oil, but got this one first. This one isnt scented, and seems to be free of a lot of stuff. My skin can be picky so hopefully I'll get on ok with this! xx

  4. Not sure if we had that in our country. I'm still with my Clinique 3-Step and Kiehls Midnight Recovery. Update us about this! xoxo

  5. @Simply effortless, I had to stop with th clinique 3 step as it was rally drying out my skin- which made it produce more oil! :( I have hard good things about Kiehls Midnight rcovery... I will update how my skin finds the Origins products! xx

  6. What a good offer! Too bad I'm trying to save some money this month! xx

  7. i love the new design!!! ^_^ also, i have never used any origins products.

  8. I've never tried this brand before but it sounds interesting!!

    And love your new layout!

  9. Ooh i Loooove Origins! I use the frothy face wash, its amazing for oily/combination skin, always left with that clean feeling after using it :)

  10. @BBB It's a great offer! Love Origins! x
    @Calia Thank you! Phew! x
    @Lisa Chck it out, it's worth it! Thanks too! x
    @Kozziosko I love the face wash too, only ned a small blob for my whole face :) x


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