Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Haul! Urban Decay, Bourjois, Batiste...

I got Naked- I'm sure you have all seen the swatches, but if you want some more then just ask!

I thought about it for a while, and kept looking in Boots, then this week I saw th stand had Naked palettes.  I had to rush off but I made a pact with myself that if there was only one left when I came back through, then I would be allowed to get it.  Guess what....

Yes!  I also picked up the new Bourjois mascara (2 stp volumizer) which came with a free eye pencil.  I picked up the Kohl and Contour in Black (which has a pencil sharpener in the lid).  I also want some of th duo chrome ones, but they had sold out in the store.

I picked up some UDPP- which 'might' be for my next giveaway ;)

I also went to Superdrug and picked up a small batiste dry shampoo as my handbag on had run out.  I havent seen any of the coloured ones in mini sizes yet, so I had to go with Tropical.  As much as I love Batiste, I probably wont be repurchasing again unless I find out that it is CFC free.  I would rather use a sprinkle can than us CFC sprays.

What dry shampoo do you use?  Have you got any thoughts on CFCs?  Have you tried the new UD or Bourjois products?


  1. Have you already announced your giveaway winner?

  2. Hi Jo, no. You must have missed the posts where I extended the giveaway and explained why. It closes 1st october. I will then be checking enteries are valid and announcing the winner as soon as I can after that. This thank you giveaway has enough prizes, so I hav been putting things on one side for my next one. :)

  3. Oh yes, I probably missed this post! Sorry :)

    I don't know this new Bourjois mascara. :/ Can you show it?


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