Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Mac Blush Palette: Blush Love

As requsted, so here is a picture of the outside and inside!

For anyone who doesn't know, Mac sell palettes that you can custom build yourself.  They sell eyeshadow ones and blush ones.  You can buy the product in pan form, or in normal form and depot it (see here for my tutorial!)

Inside.... (see if you can guess what blushes are below!  Scroll down for names)

(L-R Top) Peachykeen, Mocha, Honour
(L-R Bottom) Springsheen, Well Dressed, .... and a blank space!!

If you haven't seen my Blush Love series then here is
Blush Love 3: Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick http://computergirl2007.blogspot.com/2010/04/blush-love-3-clinique-blushwear-cream.html
Blush Love 2: The Body Shop Pink Heather http://computergirl2007.blogspot.com/2010/02/blush-love-2-body-shop-pink-heather.html
Blush Love 1: Mac Well Dressed http://computergirl2007.blogspot.com/2010/01/blush-love-1-mac-well-dressed.html

What should I get to fill the blank space?  Do you like Mac blushes/highlights?  What blush can you recommend?

If you want any swatches, please comment below!


  1. Oh! I want a MAC blush palette! I need it!! I love blushes in pan form! Maybe you should try Melba to fill the blank space? or Dainty?

  2. Awesome palette!! I took the insert out of mine aand can fit about 8 blushes in each now! :) Mocha and springsheen looks amazing! I need them! :)

  3. Gorgeous blushers. I really want Springsheen as it looks lovely in the palette and on. The only Mac blush I have at the moment is Dainty which is really lovely but a little on the shimmery side. x

  4. I have peachykeen, springsheen and well dressed also and theyre my faves! xoxo

  5. Catanya Thanks for thos rcommendations. I will hav a look at those too. Palettes are good- great for travel too! x

    @Nikki I lov them all but Springsheen is gtting the most use right now- love it :) x

    @Lilylipstick Get Springsheen- its great. Springsheen has a bit of a goldy underton, but not shimmery really. x

  6. I love peachtwist, one of my favorites, but peachykeen might be similar...You have a great collection!


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