Saturday, 16 October 2010

300 Posts: Reflections: Plea. What goes into a blog?

We don't say thank you enough.

I have been part of the blogging community for several years, I also noticed that I have posted 300 posts on this blog and over 3000 tweets.  Reflecting on this, I have seen a lot of changes in this time.  The blogging community is still going strong but has been through several trials, lots of arguments, some bullying by companies (because some of us didn't praise the product enough publicly!!), lots of sharing, lots of friendships formed, lots of beauty news.

Us bloggers are still here though!  We take time to share our thoughts regardless of who reads them, and provide real thoughts from real people (no air-brushing!).

When I write a post, I normally am responding to an email or comment, or just a random thought.  If I take photos I have to snap, upload, crop, watermark, downsize the file and then upload to blogger.  I then have to write the content and spell-check (although sometimes my proof reading doesnt work!).  All in all a post takes about an hour on average.  I enjoy writing each one, regardless of who reads it.

Over the past year I have noticed a lot more negative comments on every blog I visit.

I know there is not always time to comment, but if I read something and find it interesting, informative, useful, entertaining, inspiring or funny then I try to say thank you.

So in my 303rd Computergirl's Musing, I am going to urge you all to support your fellow bloggers.  Join me in the THANK YOU CHALLENGE!

For one week, if you read a post and find it interesting, informative, useful, entertaining, inspiring or funny, then say thank you! 

Let's get some positive thoughts on blogs.

A thank you will raise a smile and inspire.  Make someone's day.

How could I finish this post without saying thank you!  Thank you for all the comments, friendships and inspiring posts.  I love blogs :)


  1. Such an amazing idea....I know I'm guilty of not commenting a lot! So will definitely be taking up your challenge....starting with this comment! :)


  2. @Natalie Excellent- that makes two of use then! Let's spread some positive thoughts on blogs :) x

  3. If a post is useful or interesting to someone, I don't mind at all if they don't have the time to comment. I know I read (and loved) quite a few blogs before I started blogging, and only commented if I thought I had something to add.

    Comments are lovely though, and in the spirit of this post, I am commenting :)

  4. @Grace, I don't really mind about the comments either, I just have seen a few blogs with only negative comments though and sometimes a simple thank you can be a great encouragement in what can be a negative enviromnt sometimes. Just been reminded today of what a powerful word Thank you can be, so sharing it:)

    Thank you! :)x

  5. Good idea! I do often comment when I find something really interesting and I'm very lucky not to have had any negative comments yet, but it's a good idea to say thanks for everyone's hard work! Thank you! I did have a comment yesterday from the manager of Harvey Nicks in Bristol responding to a less than glowing review I wrote. I was very impressed she took the time to respond. xx

  6. Thanks for this post!

    It is always so nice to receive comments...and I do try and set aside time each day were I don't blog but just comment :)

    Fee x

  7. thank you for taking the time out of your day to write things for us lovely people to read. :)

    im only new to the blogging world and am enjoying reading every single post. i love to hear about other peoples lives and what they did that day......guess im just nosey!!

  8. I have noticed that as well. I rarely try to post negative comments, unless I find it TRULY necessary (like someone is bashing someone else without cause...which never happens).

    Thank you for a really good idea. Now, I'll be going around saying/typing, "Thank you," for no reason other than it's a nice post. :)

  9. @BBB That's so good she took the time- excellent feedback! x

    @Fee You're welcome! I think it is good to say thank you, and comment constructively :) x

    @Katie Excllent. Hopefully a few thank yous will raise a fw smiles this week :) x

    Thank you all!

  10. This is such a lovely post and I hope a lot of people take it on board! Personally I actually got into the whole "online beauty community" by watching videos on youtube and the like but I decided against posting my own videos because some of the feedback was so incredibly mean!

    The world of blogging seems to be much nicer and more friendly and I've met some absolutely lovely girls just from a simple blog! :)

  11. You're so right! Thank you! All kinds of feedback is good whether negative or positive. It's what you do with it that matters.

  12. Awww... I love this idea!! I completely agree 1000%

    Oh, and have you input your city information in at LOCATION CENTRAL yet?

  13. @All made up Youtube can be awful for catty comments. I decided against it for the same reason. Bloggin is a comunity :) Thank you x

    @Jasmine Indeed, constructive criticism is usful. Ngative catty comments arent! Hopefully if everyone who reads my post takes up th challng and passes it on, then w can start a thank you wave! x

    Thank you!

  14. @Jen Thanks, and no but I will have a look :) x

  15. i love blogging thanks for sharing xx

  16. @Kirstyb Thanks- great fun isn't it? x


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