Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Accessory of the Month: Accessorize Gold Leaf Earrings (AOTM)

Autumnal golden sparkle.  Perhaps too much for day wear as they are quite big, but I love these.

£12 from Accessorize stores only.

These will probably appear in my christmas photos :)

If you do an AOTM post, feel free to link me below!

What accessories are you loving at the moment?  Do you change your accessorise season to season?


  1. I have those earrings! They're really nice and they're really light even though they are so big :) xx

  2. ohhh love these!!
    i like my silver jewellery during spring/summer as i think it goes better with my tan and i love my gold jewellery during autumn/winter as it goes better with my non existent tan and the colours that i wear!


  3. @neekeexoxo Yay they are. So pretty:) x

    @Jen I think I wear mor silver in the summer too now that you mention it! I dont have as much gold, but I'm gtting in to it! :) x

  4. yeah, i was like that until miss selfridge had a sale on and it was buy one get one free last summer!! i think im must have spent £20 on jewellery that day

  5. Hi, I'm a new follower!

    Those are pretty earrings. I don't usually change mine season to season. My accessories stay the same all year round!

    Reasons to move to the UK: Pretty accessories. I wonder if it comes in silver. I look awful in gold!

  6. @Jen Love Miss Selfridge. :)x

    @Katie Hello! :) Welcome! I havent seen silvr vrsions, but there might be! x


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