Friday, 8 October 2010

Is anyone elses blogger Dashboard broken?

Mine seems to have lost the scroll bar, and all the pictures are huge!  I can't view back through old posts, it seems to only be showing me the last 5 or six posts.

I don't like it!!  Anyone know what is going on?


  1. Yep, same thing has happened with mine. Think it must be a bug/virus on blogger!

    Fee x

  2. Yes! I've just noticed mine is too! xx

  3. I hope it is just a glitch, I don't like it at all! Very unsettling!! Hope you are both well xx

  4. if you change the language at the top right hand corner, it goes back to normal :) you can still read other people's blogs in english xoxo

  5. That happened to me last night. But this morning I'velogged in and it's all back to normal.

  6. Thank you Natalielinsay! My blog is now in French BUT it looks normal!!x

    @Pip- hope ours is fixed in th UK by tomorrow! x

  7. My dashboard hasnt worked since 10 months ago. I get zero updates. Its either blank or I get a random update from someone who posted 2 weeks earlier. Cant ask blogger to fix it as they have no help center where you can actually email a human being. So annoying. I have to bookmark people then stalk them randomly! Or check their blog after they comment me. So so tiresome

  8. That's so bad. Mine sometimes dissappear- thankfully it seems to fix itself after a few days. I tried to us Google friend connect but got really confused. Looking into RS feeds. :)x


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