Friday, 29 October 2010

Phone in the bath? Water on laptop?

What to do if your electric get wet.

I have had a lot of people ask me this recently soooo- If you have dropped your phone in liquid (toilet, wine, bath) or spilt liquid on your laptop, remote control etc then...


1) DO NOT SWITCH IT ON!! The liquid conducts electricity (remember thunderstorms and why you shouldn't us a hairdryer in the bath?!).  If a moisture droplet falls over two connections inside the gadget then it will create a short circuit.  It wont work, or worse, will break it forever.

2)UNPLUG THE GADGET FROM THE MAINS SOCKET!! TAKE OUT THE BATTERY!! (See above! It might trip your house electrics if left plugged in, EVEN if it is switched off! (Remember those exploding GHDs? All switched off, but plugged into the wall?  The transformers in the plug will still cycle if the plug is in the wall- so ALWAYS unplug things when out of use!!)

3) DISMANTLE as much as possible.

4)PLACE in a tub of dry rice, or if you have bags of silica gel (those packs that come in new bags or shoes) then use those.  They are supposed to suck up moisture droplets from the air.

5) PLACE in the airing cupboard or, failing that,  on/near a radiator.  LEAVE ALONE for three days.  Cross fingers and see what happens.

Hopefully this help you.  I have known this method work on phones and laptops. Sea water (super conductive due to salt), wine, water and juice!  Most people will go out and buy a new phone etc straight away, but have patience and hopefully this will save your pocket and data. 

If the gadget still has problems then seek further help from a phone or laptop company.  It is likely that the circuits have been corrupted permanently and that, even though the liquid is gone, something has shorted and blown up internally.

If you have any tricks then let me know!


  1. I tend to blot as much of the water or liquid as I can. I've been pretty good and only killed two keyboard by liquid (this coming from the Queen of Clumsy). I've actually kept all the cell phones I've owned so far alive!

    The best suggestion I have is more of a series of questions. Why do you have liquid so close to your water/liquid in the first place? Do you really NEED that hair dryer in the bathroom or can you do it in you bedroom where the likelihood of your dropping it in the sink is zero? Can you put your soda further away from the keyboard so if it spills, you have more time to catch the soda before it reaches the keyboard? Can you keep the cellular phone in you bedroom while your shower? Can you not answer your cell phone while your out in the rain (unless it's really an emergency)? These sort of questions I think will keep your electronics drier. I'm pretty clumsy and these questions enter my mind all the time. Okay, so the keyboard still gets the brunt of the frying, but my iPod, iHome, TV, DVD player, VHS player and everything else hasn't been spilled on. I think that's pretty good for someone like me. I've dropped my iPod and cell phone more times than I can count, but spilled on? Never.

  2. Hi Katie, That is a rally good list of questions! I will have to look at those next time I am in danger of mixing water and electrics!! :) x

  3. @Emma, It seems I'm really good at that! My mom always has to stop me when I start questioning things too much as I can get down to the nitty gritty. I'm very good at making lists too.

    I'm super super clumsy, so I really have to keep an eye where my liquids are in relation to my electronics. I've pretty much keep my iPod and cell phone in my room when I shower. I hate music in the bathroom and shower time is ME TIME not someone-interrupt-me-and-spoil-my-relaxation-time time. I'm really quite a finicky person. The list is in the back of my mind in case I'm so tired my brain isn't all there! I have nearly gone into the shower with my watch on I'm not totally immune to the whole liquids and electronics things.

  4. these are great tips - thanks!


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