Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

A 2 in 1 Mascara which I picked up a little while a go.  I was asked to do a review to here it is.

What Bourjois say:
Lots, but essentially

Killer volume! No clumps guaranteed!

11 x more volume


How does it work?
 You unscrew the top and the mascara wand is pulled through a small tube.  Screw it back together and undo the lower screw lid and the wand is pulled out through a larger tub (leaving more product on the wand).

What Computergirl Says:
No Clumps? Really? Check the pictures below. (Naked lashes, step 1, step 2)

Step one, it clumped my lashs straight away.  Step two just volumised the clumps!  Perhaps it was my method, the formula is thick and clings to the wand.  You can see it clinging to the wand in the pictures above.  Maybe it will get better results with a better application... but I'm just not getting it so far.

I will try again (because I hate throwing things away) but I think this is a thumbs down.

I picked this up with a free Kohl pencil.  If you want a review of this, just say.

Cost: £10
Where? Boots, Online
Repurchase? No. 

Have you purchased this itm? What are your thoughts?  What mascaras do you avoid?


  1. oh that's really clumpy, i was gonna buy this last time i was in boots, so glad i didn't! I hate a clumpy mascara, its my pet hate!!

  2. Honestly, if you use a mascara fan brush instead of the wands that come with the mascara's, you'll find that most mascara's are the same. I hate spending money on crappy products.

  3. aww that's a shame it didn't work :( Looks promising though!

  4. @Jen I hate clumpy mascara too! x

    @Kim Oo I need to get one of those! It seem vry clumpy in formula, more so than other mascaras Ive used. Still this could be good I guess! x

    @Shifa Perhaps if I try it like Kim suggsts... :) x

  5. hmm i see. not happy! iv'e just brought this today although i can get a good mascara for half the price so i dont want this to go for a waste. i haven't tried it yet.

  6. @envy_me54 I'm using min up, but not with the 2 brush system they have. Using th smaller one :) Works better with the smaller brush x


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