Friday, 8 October 2010

'That' time of the month!

'Sometimes it's hard to be a woman....' (Forget the next line, it's just hard being a woman, isn't it?!)

Yes girls, (or guys if you are reading this!  Please keep on reading as you could gain brownie points!), 'that time' of the month.  The bloating, cramps, grumpy-ness, emotional crying, tiredness, oily skin, spots, tender places (that hurt!), stabbing pains, headaches... and that's just for starters.

I thought I would share with you a few of my tips for the time when rational well-balanced girls turn into crazy emotional monster wrecks.  I hope this helps you.  It might pay to leave this open for your guy friends to read!!
(Images: Pants: Topshop, Hot water Bottle & Socks: Superdrug, Chocolate: Mine! Massag bars: Lush)

  • TEA! Specifically Camomile tea.  It's an aquired taste but helps reduce uncomfortable bloating.  Try putting a tea spoon of honey in to improve the taste!
  • WATER! Drink extra water the week before to help replace fluids lost.  This will also help water-retention.
  • CHOCOLATE!  Dark chocolate if possible.  It helps in many ways, but generally it releases happy hormones, which help you to relax and therefor ease tension!
  • HOT WATER BOTTLES!  The heat relaxes tense muscles and helps ease pain.
  • HOT BATHS! See above!  Plus the bubbles are fun.
Boys, what can you do?
  • LIE INS!  It is likely that our sleep will be disturbed due to the very small rise in our body temperature.  A bad night's sleep can cause poor concentration, grumpyness, irrational behaviour, stress, anxiety- let us sleep in!  Make an effort not to wake up if possible!!
  • ACCEPT our irrational behaviour.  Don't question it too much as we will a) shout or even worse b) cry.  Either of these could be in public.
  • SOFA! Let us have an evening  curled up on the couch.  You may bring us a duvet, chocolates, glass of wine, magazines, hot chocolates.  If you are feeling VERY nice, then place a hot water bottle in out bed in the winter, so it is nice a warmed up for us girls.
  • BATH! No not you!  Run us one!
  • SUPPORT and REASSURE US!  Talk to us and find out what we struggle with.  If we get spotty round 'that' time then tell us we look beautiful, without being prompted!

  • Question why we were so long in the bathroom. Especially in public- you might not like the answer!!
  • Use the 'are you on your period?' question as a form of attack in an arguement, especially if you think we are being grumpy.  We can't help it.  We get moody sometimes. Deal with it.
  • Liken our monthly experience to anything you go through i.e. stubbing your toe.  When you have a womb and push babies out of it, then we will accept that you know what its like!!

So there you have it.  Just a few do and donts, and tips.  This was written with some humour, so I know that us girls have to accept some responsibility!  PMT is never an excuse!

What things help you round that time?  Do you have any tips to share?  What is the nicest thing a friend, boyf or husband has done for you when you have had PMT?


  1. love it! All of the above so true haha :) x

  2. I hate it when people say you're 'PMTing' every time you're in a bad mood. I can be in a bad mood without involving certain circumstances, thanks. c:

  3. @Kozziosko Thanks :) x

    @Rai I hate that too! Such a bad phrase! x

  4. that is all sooooo true. Thank you. And I hope you are having a really great weekend

  5. This is very helpful, especially for our blokes.
    I hate the time of the month. If it wasn't enough that I break out in a million spots, I always feel like crap too xx

  6. I was reminded of this post. A few days ago a male thing i was on the phone to (not even worth of the word species.. thing) told me to 'calm down' and asked 'are you on?' Needless to say the subsequent crying and explosion was deserved!

  7. @BAllet News Thanks, you too! x

    @LAuren I brak out thn too- sooo annoying! Hop you are well hun! x

    @Tali LOL, some blokes just really dont get it! They should have to take a class is how to take to and understand girls!! Hopefully he'll learn! x

  8. Think I'll email a link to this to my husband lol! xoxo


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