Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas Giveaway! Give and Makeup

Yes, the promised givaway is almost here!

It is a thank you to you lovelies for following and commenting!  I started this blog as a personal diary, but the fact people read and comment is such a nice surprise! THANK YOU!

The stash is going to be quite modest.  There might be a few other additions, however I collected some prizes and then put some on one side to donate to Give and Makeup.

This is a wonderful idea.  If you haven't come across it then go to They collect unused (or lightly used) products to go to women's refuges.  Most women (and children) in refuges flee thir home, taking little or no possessions.  We all know how much we use moisturiser, shampoo, showergel... and what difference we feel when we put on a lipstick or lipgloss.  Now imagine that everyday is full of fear..... that your self esteem is rock bottom.  You literally have NOTHING, except the clothes you wear, and the child in your arms.  Any money you do have will go on food.  Having a little boost to your appearance or personal hygiene can really help us day to day- and most of us won't have had half the problems these women have faced.

If you are in the UK then please read and support them if you can.  If you are in another country then I have heard of other schemes like this.

Come on guys- everyone's bathroom collects hotel shampoo, soap, gel, airplane socks, sewing kits, magazine sample sachets- why not donate these?

You'll free up some clutter and help someone in need.


  1. Whoo hoo! A giveaway. I love giveaways.

    A word of caution with groups like that: Be careful and make sure the group is legitimate before you volunteer or give your things away to them. I grew up in a military household so I know a lot of military package and letter service groups are scams. My family works hand and hand with the American Legion to send off military packages (we're always in need of sunscreen!). The American Legion is the only American group that I am aware that can send care packages to people in Iraq. Care packages have to be inspected before being sent to war or violent areas.

  2. Hi Katie, It's so sad when people do that. Some people have no heart. I helped fill a containr of stuff for an orphanag in Africa, and it was broken into and raided n route :(:(

    HOWEVER, I personally know Caroline who has set up 'Give and Makeup', which is just a way of raising awarness for this cause. They are not the charity as far as I know, they just support refuge. Refuge is a UK Charity which is quite well known. They will collect donations. I am very happy to say this incntive is 100% legit. :) It's just a bit of publicity for Refuge.

    Keep up the good work :) x

  3. @Emma--I looked at the site and saw it was mainly awareness, but I did want to mention it. People look at a fundraiser for awareness or something to the effect and think, "Oh, something to fill my goodwill cause!" or something to that extent and don't pause to read the fine print or ask questions!

    That's sad that you container was raided! I always did premature baby stuff for a premature baby clinic. I was born 3 weeks premature, so I always connected with it. I basically went out and bought baby blankets because I know the importance of a baby blanket! I normally bought yellow and green ones because I hate the idea of assigning gender roles from day one. I like the idea of gender neutrality!


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