Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cynol Shampoo and conditioner

My current haircare routine involves these two products, and I thought I would share them with you!  I like to mix things up every now and again, as I find that if I use the same products all the time, that my hair kind of 'gets used to them'.  I guess its like food! Very rarely would we eat the same meal, 3 times a day for months!

Cynol Moisture: Hydrate Shampoo
Cynol Says: Pro. Hydro. Complex, with modified Milk protiens and Panthnol.  For moisture, shine and elasticity.

Computergirl says: Just a normal use shampoo.  Lather, rinse and repeat and lather, rinse, repeat (as Pheobe once sung on friends!).  This makes my hair so soft!  It has a very slight floral smell, but nothing weird or offending.  A little goes a long way, so I find it perfect for travel, as I only have to take a small amount away with me.  (I decanter it into a smaller bottle).

Cynol Moisture Dream: Hydrate 2-Phase Conditioner
Cynol Says: For Normal-Dry Hair.  Pro. Hydro.Complex, with Pro-Vitamin B5 and modified wheat Protein.  For moisture, shine, easy combing and manageability.

How to use: Spray onto towel dried hair. Leave in.

What Computergirl says: This liquid forms two layers in the bottle, I love watching it and shaking them back together! (Never too old to play!!).  It doesnt smell weird, just faintly of a clean 'hair salon' smell.  Great if your skin is irriated by perfumey smells!

It is so easy to use, and I find it is perfect for my long hair.  My ends often get dry, and then knotted with dryness.  I spray this onto the bottom two 3rds and comb through gently.  It certainly creates a nice shine to my hair :)  It also doesn't leave a weird residue like some salon products. Hurrah!

Cynol is available in hair salons, and from places like and Cheap Smells.  Shampoo retails for around £7- £12 and the conditioner seems to retail from £6-£9.  I was sent this to try after a conversation, and chose to review it here.  My old salon used to use Cynol and I have purchased this brand with my own money in the past.  They do not test on animals.  As always, my own opinion.

Do you rotate your hair products?  What are you currently using? Have you tried Cynol?

P.s. keep your eyes peeled for my giveaway this week! Prizes are gathered and I'm quite excited! x


  1. I was sent the Anti Hair loss products from Clynol... a bit of a flop for me, they have made my scalp so sensitive! Really disappointed as I was hoping they would work! Glad you got on OK with these though!! xx

  2. @Nikki, oh no. I can have a sensitive scalp (and skin) but have had no problems with this brand at all so far. Everyone is different. I guess it also depends on stress and stuff too as I had a reaction flare up once when I was stressed but was ok later on. Also times of the month can affect sensitivity too. You might get on with this ok, but I havnt tried the hair loss stuff. I do know somone else who is trying it so will ask them. Hope you are well xx

  3. No, I don't rotate my hair products. Super sensitive skin means that if I find something, I stick to it like krazy glue.

    I had to switch products recently because my hair and decided to go berserk and reject my old hair routine. I'm currently using Neutrogena's Clean Volume shampoo and Moisture conditioner daily. Once a week I use Neutrogena's anti-residue shampoo (I have super oily hair that builds up no matter what I use!) and once a month I use Aussie's 3-minute Deeeep Conditioner. I use Aussie's Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner daily because my hair is fine so it tangles easily.

    I always feel insane when I write that down. I always feel like it makes me sound high-maintenance!

  4. I never tried that brand before! I'm currently using Lush and pantene (:


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