Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mac Haul: Twinks Bisque satin taupe

The other week I visited Mac in London. It was one of the strangest experiences because the sales assistant stood on my foot as he was taking to me about the products.  I hear you say, 'that's a normal thing that everyone does!'  Really?

He didn't even noticed that his foot was fully on mine and carried on chatting (without removing it) for a good few minutes!  I was literally pinned to the spot!!!! And I was so thrown by the whole thing that I didn't say anything!  I just stood there like a lemon!! Normally people notice and can feel that their foot isn't flat!!  I laugh about it now, but I must have looked quite bemused!  Maybe he did notice and it was a sales tactic.. 'Um did you know that you are standing on me? Yes, Oh... do you want to remove you foot? No.. ok carry on selling things then!!'

Anyway, I purchased 3 pro pan eye shadows for my palette.

No Flash, Flash!


 I was quite annoyed to see Twinks with a large dent when i got it out of my bag at home :(

Still a good base shade, and some lovely other shadows!
You can purchase these shadows online at MAC, or Debenhams (for free postage and beauty points)!

Have you got any of these?  What eyes hadows have you recently bought?  What is your most used eye shadow?


  1. They're not that pigmented are they :( ?

  2. MonsterManic They arnt too bad- it is difficult to show in these picture. The brown and taupe have a sheen which perhaps makes them look lighter in this picture. Bisque is a matte bas which doesnt really show up. Perhaps I should post an eotd so you can see how they work. They arent the most pigmented, but they arent the worst. Worth checking out I think! x


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