Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What I bought in Italy.

Ciao! Si! I went away recently for work (and a bit of play!), and no visit would be complete without a few purchases!

3 Essence nail polishes- A pinky glitter, teal glitter and holographic top coat.

 I also picked up a Carpisa purse in Duty Free.  I badly needed a new purse and this was perfect!  Beautifully made and stylish :)
A great purse with lots of compartments. Exactly what I need!

A silver cross and a glass pendant from Venice.
Just a few little purchases.  I have not tested the polish, but I will do.  Let me know if you want swatches!

What is the best thing you have picked up on holiday or from Duty Free?  Have you tried the nail polish brand?

Would you like me to share what travel products I took?


  1. When i was in the Netherlands i bumped into a Sephora and they're having 25% OFF!!!!!!! I got Cargo sunset beach blush since i'll never be able to get CARGO in Hong Kong and i don't wanna bother my friends in the US to get it for me hehe. And it was so much cheaper than the usual price!

    love the purse and I miss Italy too!

  2. Wow, that purse is lovely! I am so in need of a new one, mine just isn't big enough to store all my stuff in it!

  3. @Jennifer sephora :) You must have had fun! Great spot! Glad you like my purse! x

    @Harriet This is perfect for me- long time to find! x

  4. I realllly need a purse and that one it's so pretty (:


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