Monday, 22 November 2010

Winter Haul (Pic Heavy)

In the same trip I bought this Mac haul, I also bought a few other things.  I saw a few, ahem...'woops'!  In my defence, my work wardrobe needed a few replacements, so here is 'some' of the damage!

Bags, Bags, Bags.. .better that eye bags!

Winter Socks!
Belt, ear muffs, cotton top. H&M

A-Line skirt suit with blue ruffle shirt. Zara
Blue delicate top with lace detail. Topshop.

Topshop Brown bag. Almost matches my purse :)
I might show you the rest another day ;)

What have you been hauling recently?  Do you haul in large amounts for a season, or do you just pick up things as you see them one at a time?


  1. Ohhh fab haul, i want some of those socks. I've not been buying much apart from baby things xx

  2. The socks are so warm :) I get really cold feet so these are great! Hope the preganacy is going well! xx

  3. <3 socks. I know repeating myself after ive just tweeted you that is odd.. I sound like I have sock fetish.. ironic as i hate feet! Love the bag too.. great stuff!!

  4. Gorgeous haul! That Topshop top is just so pretty, and such a stunning shade of blue. On a random note, I really love those Topshop make up carrier bags! Wish they'd ditch the plastic ones and just use these!


  5. @Tali I went a bit mad with the socks, but I dont mind. They are a must for winter! Sadly the pairs I have worn so far 'should' be over the knee, but my stupid tallness mans they are just under!! Argh!! The bag is great as I can fit sooo much inside! xx

    @Dreams that Glitter It is a pretty colour, and so delicate. I bought the belt to go with it... potential FOTD!! I like the paper bags too, until it rains! I think th top is on their website :)xx

  6. Really nice haul! I love that top shop bag! :)


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