Friday, 10 December 2010

Stocking filler 6: Home help Dad

Every day (!!) leading up to Christmas I will be posting a little stocking filler idea.   I will try and choose global products.  If you can't get hold of the product in your country, then I hope this will be fun to read and help give you present themes.

Sixth of December!

Home help

Sometimes people have everything, or we have no money to buy gifts.  Normally the most precious thing you can give someone is your time.

So here are some free home help ideas for a Dad;

A Car wash and clean (inside and out!)
2 loads of shirts done, sorted and ironed
A home cooked meal
Volunteer to pick up a takeaway to save him going out
Sewing buttons back onto shirts and coats
A taxi lift to the pub and back.

19 sleeps to go!

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    Id like someone to gift me putting the duvet cover on the duvet for a year. I get lost inside it trying to get the corner bits in the corners and always end up crying. I dont do duvets!

  2. I know what you mean. I always have to have my duvet perfectly inside and it taks ages. And I normally just want to crawl into bd and go to sleep whenever I have to change it! I'm with you on this one!!! xx


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