Friday, 10 December 2010

This made my day. Tears and all.

A few of you will have read my post about Give and Makeup , a campaign spearheaded by qualified beautician and blogger Caroline.  It aims to raise awarness about women's refuges, and the need for donations- new and lighty used products.  Most charities will only take new products.

Some of you know that I am an Aussie Angel.  I was offered a chance to host a stall at their latest even (write up coming soon!).  I decided to use my stall to raise awareness about donating lighty used and new products to Refuges.  For a list of what they need see Donations can be made straight to your local hostel where women are fleeing domestic abuse- many have children in tow.  The facts and figures are so scary.

I had a long chat with Emma of Aussie haircare.  The next thing I know, this happens....

That is a huge donation of 100 Aussie Take The Heat shampoos and conditioners, 24 Heat Protection Leave-In conditioner sprays, 15 mini shampoos and conditioners, 3 vanity cases each containing a Venus razor, mirrors and makeup from brands like Max Factor.

I am so touched that Aussie and Proctor and Gamble have been so generous.  This donation is going to go so far.  

To women who have nothing, gaining a little help means a lot.  Furthermore gaining a little control over your life is essential.  We take for granted being able to check our appearance and wash out hair.  It makes such a difference to our self esteem.  To women who have been victims of domestic abuse, their confidence is in shreds.  Having a little something like a lipstick, or styled hair can be a little perk.

I just want to send a big THANK YOU to Emma, Aussie and P&G for supporting Refuge (charity) this christmas.

I also want to inspire you.  I am one person, but through asking a couple of people this happened.  Please ask any contacts you have.  What's the worst that can happen? Nothing. What's the best that can happen?.... Lots!

Refuges need:

Everyday Essentials
bath/shower gel
body lotion
feminine hygiene products
shaving products
at-home hair dye colouring kits



makeup brushes
makeup bags
curling tongs

Baby Products
all of them!

*please note - we can only accept new items of anything with an applicator wand e.g. mascara/lip gloss/concealer

GWP (Gift with purchase) sizes are fine, as are samples.

Anything that has been lightly used is also fine - if you would happily give it to a friend - we'll take it!
Also, why no donate a box of children's toys for christmas?  Or samples, hotel goodies? We have so much, and every donation is like gold dust to Refuge.
I can confirm that Refuge is a registered charity in the UK and legitimate.  If you are in doubt then take the donation straight to the hostel.
I know that there are many charities to support.  This one has my support this christmas.
I will have a full write up soon on the lovely Aussie event.  
I just wanted to share this with you as it has really made me smile today.

Be inspired.


  1. This is phenomenal! Well done Aussie!

  2. @Charlie

    It's such a great guesture. I'm grinning from ear to ear! xx

  3. Oh my goodness! That's so generous of them! xo

  4. That's truly fabulous, good on ya Aussie! x

  5. Fabulous. How amazing to see!!!!

  6. wowww thats very generous of them!! wish more company would be more generous in helping others!
    thanks to you for contacting them in the first place!



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